Thursday, 2 January 2014

They are not replaceable

They are not replaceable

"AGRICULTURAL GOODS" The Neys of Boujemaa Razgui,
being destroyed by the US Customs Service
because of an idiotic alibi.
(photo (c) Razgui all rights reserved.)

It was last time when this writer had read an article about a well known musician gone dismayed after not returning his musical instruments upon returning home in New York.

The musician, named Boujemaa Razgui, felt dismayed as customs officials had to confiscate 11 of his flutes — each of which he had constructed, by hand, himself only to found that they had to be destroyed simply because "they were agricultural products.

Razgui, who is a Canadian by citizenship and a flute virtuoso, frequently travels with a variety of his hand-carved flutes, most of it were made for years and each of which is designed to be played with a specific ancient or modern genre in mind.

However, as he returned home in New York and had his luggage searched by authorities, his hand carved flutes, known as "Neys" were confiscated without any reason, another source stated that the confiscation and eventual destruction of those instruments were simoky becuase "they were agricultural products", that somehow made Razgui and some of his musician friends felt dismayed, worried about his instruments, as well as his career as a musician.
Or as for the authorities, ignorant that the musician whom used hand-carved flutes is well known in music circles like those in New York. And would possibly say that the actions resulting to an unjust confiscation and destruction of those instruments is a result of a mere misunderstanding.

But personally, it seems that the action made by these customs officials, such as confiscating and destuction of hand-made flutes and even describing them as agricultural goods had unveiled its idioicy behind their professions; that their overzealousness, racism, and other criticizable actions made by these people would say how desperate these officials, and others whom, emphasising their dream paychecks had corrupted the insitution, replacing courtesy with modern-day barbarism. What's wrong in those hand made flutes anyway? Simply because it is made out of wood, bamboo, and entirely hand-carved? The maker had made those instruments for years as part of his love for music.

But unjustly confiscating and destroying them simply because of a stupid alibi showed nothing but ignorance and a mockery of authority especially they themselves had wore uniform. In this writer's part would say that those instruments, hand made for years, all out love for music would say that it is also a love for culture that is worth better than what is much being seen in mainstream media.

Right was Razgui to comment about his instruments, the work of his love, as he said:

"I have such great memories with these nays through the past years, from culture to any moment that I remember.

Of course l will not hurt any body with nays. They were my huge art connection with North America and Europe, through churches, synagogues (all of them in Montreal and almost all in Toronto), universities, colleges, theaters, com.centers, mosques, all kind of ceremonies, marriages, helulas , barMetzvahs, you name it."

In other words, those instruments, despite being hand carved and made out of special materials, had been part of his craft as a musician for years, and being destroyed means had him ruined by their idioicy trampled upon him. What's wrong if those are agricultural products if they are really agricultural products? Does it mean if one product is carefully, and organically tended should be destroyed as well? Jokingly speaking, describing those hand carved flutes as agricultural instruments reminds of classifying ketchup as a vegetable simply because it is made out of tomato! 

Anyways, that misunderstanding made by these idiots in uniform should be resolved as possible. But on the other hand, those instruments destroyed are not replaceable by a mere apology. Again, it would take years to create those wooden or bamboo Neys and be played again like before.