Sunday, 11 May 2014

"That is why that person does not want to eat breakfast with you (onsunday)"

"That is why that person does not want 
to eat breakfast with you (on sunday)"

It was 6:00 in the morning that everybody has to wake up, brushing teeth, doing morning chores, all in order to go to mass at 7:30. At church, despite all the sleep hangovers, has to see and listen, respond on what the priest and the laity officiates in its so-called "feast", listening all the sermons, although sometimes uninteresting to most, and afterwards going home and one of them trying to go upstairs and trying to cope up with his rest.

But, someone else around trying to insist a person whom was trying to sleep to join in breakfast whether like it or not. Sometimes he tried not to by continually sleeping if not by going straight to the bathroom and defecate, thinking that the meal as all but venting shit all over by the owners of the house as if all after hearing mass, another sermon coming from these owners trying to repeat all the mistakes and shortcomings towards a person whom once did those kinds of shit. Yes, that person had did all the crap such as not waking up early or going outside, even getting money without permission, but notwadays tries to move on and restraining, keeping a mind clear from possible distress if not lessening an upcoming tremor around the house. 

Seeing all the food in the table. Whether it be scambled eggs, bacon, or even spring rolls, elders trying to insist to eat more, a much as possible more rice and viand to their own delight and calling it as a "balanced diet." And whilst eating their eyes pointed on and began asking questions that some are often irritable, if not annoying such as asking about "plans for the future" if not "why not stop sculpting and instead having a piano lesson", and a variety of questions as if making the meal livelier for them.

However, those annoying questions then becoming cuss and shit to vent over, and thus unlikely for a person to eat more on that goddamn breakfast. Much more that there's a time making a threat that made whom they vent rage about think madly deeply about his, not their wants, even the tablet being used is even discussed as well as the room whom being stayed for long! The tablet whom that person was using was for writing and not for mere social media, and why should had to stay down and mingle? Or let's just say see and hear sometimes the taunt?

The eggs had been finished though so was the rice and the viands being served earlier, but hearing most of the cuss and all the crap from the so-called owners of the house, makes one wondering what's the use of having a person be woke up at mass and afterwards forced to join breakfast only to hear anything directly against a person? Actually, seems that he had lost interest in eating breakfast and instead having fed with all the words normal people called as "sayings" or whatsoever just for these people afford to hurl. Afterwards that person had to stay on a corner looking at the dogs, chickens, followed by going back to the bedroom and fall asleep.

In fact, their words may've been right and justifiable in order to be upright. But does it include insisting their interest than the one whom had vented through? Playing the piano is good, but how about sculpting clay or even sketching? Obviously they don't support the latter as if nothing will grow upon that matter regardless of how being creative, or just because that person whom they vent this and that is musically inclined has to play the piano to their delight and calling it as "for own good"? Then perhaps rather play death metal than their interest whether they like it or not! Least that it involves a person's interest than someone else's whom resorting to use the house to justify power trippings. Being deviant somehow comes with a challenge, and those whom insist standards often oppose the unconventional. As if death metal is noise, sublime as disorder while cha-cha as music.

And that is why he doesn't like to eat breakfast with you during sunday just to hear cuss and shit. Obviously, that person is just being forced to than obliged.