Thursday, 17 July 2014

"Rockets and Injustices cannot stop Intifada"

"Rockets and Injustices cannot stop Intifada"

by Kat Ulrike

It seems that people are now aware that despite protests towards Israel the bombings against Palestinian Civilians at Gaza Strip continue. It is both a sense of deep sorrow over the Palestinian people and avenge against Zionists with the tragedy given to them by the Zionist-led Israel. Coupled with the serious lack of humanitarian aid, the so-called collective punishment made by the Zionists is all but a manifestation of barbarism made by an occupier.

Reminiscent of the actions at Warsaw Ghetto by the Nazis during World War 2, the Israeli Defence Forces is no different from its Nazi counterpart. These rising tensions and Zionist treachery have been followed by sustained barrages of rocket fire from Gaza into Israel. Between 14 June and 7 July 270 rockets were fired by militants into Israel, which Israel responded to with air strikes. Rockets are fired indiscriminately against the civilian population, including against major Israeli cities.

But the worst scenario had been unleashed as Israel then launched Operation Protective Edge on 7th of July 2014, that Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have struck over 1470 targets in Gaza while over 970 more rockets have been fired towards Israel by the militants. 240 Israelis have been injured; but in heavily bombarded Gaza, at least 173 Palestinians have been killed, and 1,230 injured. The UN estimates that 80% of those killed have been civilians, of whom a third are children. The figures continue to increase as the Zionists continue its barbaric action redescribed as "collective punishment" over attacks made by Hamas fighters over Israeli settlements.
And other than rocket and artillery attacks, the Zionists had cut off water and electricity supplies, as well as continuing its block against aid over Palestine, both of which is also a violation of international laws concerning a country victimized by repression.

But despite increasing number of deaths does not mean that with the barbaric actions made by the Zionist-led IDF is able to stop the decades-old Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation, as Palestinians have the right to secure independence and cherished rights including those of Jews. "We are not against the Jews because they are Jews. Our problem is with those occupying the land of Palestine," as the quotation goes. Furthermore, there are Jews whom also opposed Israeli's barbaric action that resulted to imprisonment if not slander from their fellow Jews whom had took pride in its so-called feat as a Jewish state, or for accuracy's sake a State for Jews.

Anyways, regardless of the repression, Palestine lives and still struggling with its Intifada, people around the world expressed both sorrow to the casualty and anger to those whom carried the genocidial action at Gaza. And what the IDF did in its actions is as similar to those made by the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS in Warsaw ghetto if not the revolts of the concentration camps in eastern Europe. Bloody and Merciless both the armed and the unarmed. 

No missile, tank, and member of the IDF can ever stop the Intifada. Palestinians will survive amidst chaos and destruction. Free Palestine from the River to the Sea!