Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Frisian air in a Gothic Façade in San Sebastian

Frisian air in a Gothic Façade in San Sebastian

Its been so long when I last met her
The one who cares all despite having another
The one who makes coffee with love
So was the French toast, served also with love
It's all but strange at those times
That through my eyes I am inspired by yours
Not because of your beauty alone but your charm
That brought sketches from yours truly done.

I trod in San Sebastian st. to Plaza del Carmen
Early weekday evening
Filled with qualms and contemplating
If not thinking the mass anticipating
Of people in dresses kneeling,
Standing, seeing the man lifting the chalice
And lift from it accompanied by the hymns everyone singing
But as I enter, inside rather few people inside
Standing, seeing the stained windows
And steel columns
Pseudo-European aspirations
In a third world realistic mess.

Imagination had provoked me again
As I had entered the ContemporAntiquitarian edifice
My mind seemed playing Laibach or 'De alde Frisen'
Although the organist practises the song 'Aleluia' in its organ
I was sitting at the lectern thinking
And asking from my inner mine:
When will I meet her, talk, and laugh each other?
Is it today? Tomorrow? The other day?
I don't know when.

Perhaps to be alone is not to interfere
Knowing that she has a man to care and cherish with
I am all but a minor part of her life
Knowing that she serves coffee, french toast
Followed by coping up and giving me a cheer.
I may still remain alone
But the Frisian air continues to blown
Mingle with the scent of 'so in love'
'Atlantis', or 'Clinique Happy' as somebody comes
I drift away after from the crowd for home
But the Frisian air continues to blown
Blowing that made the bells chiming on
Rining in a comic sunday evening
Set against the greyish blue background
Of the Gothic façade in San Sebastian.

But inspite of loneliness comes hope
Hoping to see her again, and rekindle the fire in the candle that is left unlit
In my heart.

For Frisian Auditor,