Sunday, 21 September 2014

We will never forget their tyranny

We will never forget their tyranny

"That Napoleon, just that particular Corsican should have been the military dictator whom the French republic, exhausted by its own warfare had rendered necessary, was chance; but that, if a Napoleon had been lacking, anothr would have filled the place as proved by the fact that the man was always found as soon as he became necessary: Caesar, Agustus, Cromwell, etc."

- Freidrich Engels, to W. Borgius, 1884.

These are the words this person had read first from an old writeup prior to making this post.

Both made in commemoration of Martial rule and of last few months surrounding protest against a corrupt regime trying to act as just, it seems easier for those who had experienced how the present order tries to act firm with its varying levels of capacity to preserve no matter how opposing the majority of people taken against them.

As the present Aquino administration discreetly, yet still obviously continues to toy the idea of having more power via charter change and term extension, it seems that these people, as well as the fanatics supporting, are trying to replicate what was made decades ago: of substituting the New Society of the past for today's Righteous Path.

Most People may deny its similarities and insist differences about the two, but there are those whom sought its similarities in spite of changing names and watering down its core ideas. But still, it appears as exploitative no matter what it is just like the mountains whose trees been cut by Enrile during martial rule and uncontrollable mining in the mountains of Mindanao at present.

That both Marcos's New Society and Aquino's Righteous Path is full of rhetorics concerning reform and development. Marcos did spoke against corruption, of agrarian reform, industrial development, and uplifting people from poverty; so is today's Aquino. Both had its share of oligarchs, technocrats, murderers, and decrees that the latter as watered down to make more less Marcosian and much Aquinistic.
Yet in spite of appearing themselves as patriotic, these two leaders, both past and present are stooges of the star-sprangled master. Both of their fanatics clamor much of having a head of state that are capable of resolving problems through a series of paper reforms and sneering everyone through the ears with their rhetorics; that they have their share of left-wing terminologies to appear that their actions as much revolutionary than those from the mountains with their liberated zones.

But for the common people who are victims of centuries-old repression would say that these men are dictators, tyrants, despots whose idea is how to extend their stay at the presidential palace. The former had its children grew old and treated MalacaƱang as their own abode, while the latter chose to be single in spite of numerous relationships people had sought on television. But again and still, these men had made big numbers aroused, organised, and mobilised in their actions, their grumblings had been getting louder day by day in spite of being called barbaric or ill-mannered by apologetics in every social media site.

Much more that those whom are trigger happy are wanting to create a sea of blood amongst those who struggle and the innocents whom they mistaken for; those who justify would have called it as a prophylaxis to cleanse anything what they think of as threat no matter how innocent they are or not, simply because their impressions came first than their innocence with a variety of statements to justify from. Yesterday's Marcos and today's Aquino had employed a mixture of deception, harassment, and outright plunder to justify their control with the help of their coteries, worse, paraniocally thinking that they're in a state of siege as stated by their actions whether discreet or exposed.

Yet still, can't stop the growing protests as earlier stated. Much more that it becomes a fertile ground for the growth of Revolution as the present system tolerates their own nonsense and betrayed public trust. No matter what the protests and various direct actions been called barbaric or ill-mannered, these barbarians they've called off are countering those civilised thugs and its apologetics such as in the academe and in social media sites last week.
The latter appear 'civilised' such as insisting dialouge to the anger-filled populace, yet these civilised are actually barbaric with all their thievish actions against the people, bleeding them dry actually with rising costs of goods, services, and higher taxes that affected their income and at worse, benefits. And the so-called barbarians whom they afford to heckle are actually civilised, yet with repression, disenfranchisement, and bleeding them dry by vested interest, these people are willing to go beyond the parameter of 'legality' to assert what is just no matter how precious their life is. 

But in spite of all the heckings from the other side, the criticisms pointed against the system would say that it is both a test of democracy being peddled and a committment given that these people offered an alternative to the corrupt order. To use Marcos terms (apologies), "of what is Democracy if it is not for the poor?" 

Yes, the Filipino poor, dispossessed, repressed, and struggling is worth fighting for Democracy, fighting to grab the power that is still firmly handled by those whom making a bastardisation such as those from above. The Filipino nowadays chose to be a Jacobin as what Marcos abhorred, but that Jacobin is full of vigour that they want to cleanse its own backyard out of its filth, of tyrants trying hard to be righteous, no matter how precious their life is.

For now, here's a Video feat. the song "Solidaritatslied" by the German band Commandantes.