Monday, 3 November 2014

A surge of Protest as justifed: still neglected for a year after Yolanda

A surge of Protest as justified:
Still neglected for a year after Yolanda

(A writeup made for the first year of remembering the tragic event)

It is been a year after Typhoon Yolanda had swept Eastern Visayas and other parts of Panay island and Mindanao. That, with its sudden deluge known as storm surge, had left 18000 killed while hundreds of thousands were left homeless and bereft of livelihood. There people, especially the masses had to rely on relief from both private and local government, domestic and foreign sources while trying to reconstruct their lives especially in urban areas like Tacloban.

However, in spite of their so-called relief, reconstruction, and rehabilitation efforts especially from the present Aquino administration, it rather end mismanaged as it fails to provide immediate relief to its constituents as well as failing to meet standards the structures meant to house those whose houses been swept by the deluge last November 8; it may also sound factual that the biggest chunk of the money meant for reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts had been carried away by thieves in uniform, citing the fact that the system itself, no matter it tries to act righteous, remains corrupt.

Until today, people in Eastern Visayas are difficultly trying to rehabilitate themselves and their communities as most of them suffer from hunger, poverty, illness, and even death as the system fails to provide services other than relief like adequate housing, livelihood, and education. Worse, the system, through its Social Welfare Department can't even give straight the donations as warehouses are still filled with the donations left rotting. And although Secretary Dinky Soliman had afforded to take pride that 90% of the 1,121 billion peso donation been allocated to the said efforts, then how come the vast majority still suffering? They even deny the underpaid Government Employees situated in those disastered areas emergency allowances to reconstruct themselves as well, how ironic then if that's the case.

Again, the system, no matter how it tries to act righteous as what Aquino said, remains corrupt. With the most of 1,121 billion peso donation under the hands of the corrupt rather than spent for arduous efforts, much more that the system had favored letting compadores like Gokongwei, Ayala, Aboitiz, Manny Pangilinan, and Lucio Tan take over anything in the name of "reconstruction" and "development".
Such terms, exploited by the compradores actually meant exploitation and profiteering at the expense of those whom actually lived in those communities. It may sound nice to hear these prominent people "lending a hand" to the less fortunate, but come to think of this: some of them are evading taxes like those of Lucio Tan, much more that the concept of development in areas the system designated as "no-build" zones are actually stressing commercialization in the name of theirs as compradores by nature, and international neoliberal interest in which they're observing with.
And besides that, the injustice left by those whom had done illegal logging has not been resolved. So what kind of development these people on high speaking after they cut down trees, turn ricefields, and communities into commercial complexes? Will they wait for another storm surge to come and teach these people who composed this rotten order a lesson? Much more from the still grieving people clamoring for justice like ghosts?

No offense, but true as the victims felt the hunger, pain, as well as fear after being neglected by the system. The "service" presented by the system is nothing but a rhetoric to peddle stating that they are speeding efforts amidst controversies such as pork barrel. Aquino, et al. may deny these allegations surrounding their actions before, during, and after Yolanda; while on the other hand, blaming them for disturbing their actions, much more that they blame the organisers for urging these less fortunate to turn their plight into hatred against the status quo.
That actually, it seemed right for the victim to turn their plight into hatred after letting the situation be mismanaged by those babbling public service if not letting profiteers do the job of "development" and "reconstruction." The two quoted terms, supposedly for the well-being of the people, are mere rhetoric as their press releases, much more that the system, in its disgust towards the dispossessed, thinks that, paraprhasing John 7:49 :

"They are unlawful, so they are under god's curse..."
And if so, then those who had afford to organise, no matter how subversive in the eyes of the present order, are the ones who respected these victims of last year's calamity. Not because they are ravaged by the storm surge, nor being hungry, sick, or homeless, but of being neglected by those whom babbling terms yet can't give wholeheartedly the needs people had called for.

Again, the system reiterated their statements as they tried to lessen the temper of the mass, But the more they deny their thieveries, neglect the dispossessed, mismanage the efforts to uplift the ravaged, the more they felt the tremors of protest from the cursed, a spectre that haunts their consciences.