Sunday, 7 December 2014

"Take a Sip and Eat a Toast to quench your heart most."

"Take a Sip and Eat a Toast to quench your heart most."

It was yesterday when this writer has visited a nice watering hole in the outskirts of Sampaloc.

Mostly full of computer rentals, swag stuff, and the likes, this writer had sought a different place reminiscent of his visit at Cubao Expo's Sweet Ecstasy. That ironically, owned by a partners whose initial commitments are different from having this kind of establishment: one is an engineer to be, the other a doctor, and the last a computer programmer. These three this writer would say somehow have interest that brought into this kind of idea such as a place to eat and enjoy.

Quite cozy though like Sweet X's, but the difference between the cookie and chocolate milk shop this writer enjoy most months before and today is the serving, such as coffee and toast, whether it is a sandwich or the waffle.

Banana Nutella Bubble Waffle
(from "Sip & Toast" Facebook page)

To some, this would mean a breakfast treat just like the familiar Pancake House due to the waffle, but sadly, the establishment opens in the afternoon and closes at midnight, yet no worries, dormers and students in and around Lepanto-Gastambide area go there for a cozy review, a chitchat, or turning on their tablet, cellular phone, or a laptop computer since there's a wi-fi for their internet-hungry gadgets aside from a serving of a coffee, tea, and a meal of toast or pasta for their satisfaction.

This writer did enjoy their mocha frappe while trying to finish his writeup being posted a day ago; with enough sweetness and balanced between the foamy frappe and the coffee, that drink somehow did complete his day to finish his work and make this writeup possible.

And the good thing? In a budget-friendly price! Most establishments in Manila area tried to be "budget-friendly" in serving such as these amidst its expensive appearance, but perhaps "Sip & Toast" did so citing the fact that the place is situated in those who can't set such cozy "watering holes" like this, and giving the students, dormers, residents alike the chance to offer their delicacies usually found in stalls far from their comfort zones.
The owners, coming from the University of Santo Tomas would have afford to set this establishment near their alma mater, but, citing practicality would say that they chose a different venue citing its "centred-ness" to different schools as well besides UST: be it from the National University, University of the East, Far Eastern University, and other schools within U-Belt and Mendiola Consortium; and again with its price and ambiance means more students to come and enjoy the food "Sip & Toast" hath to offer.

Since the place is cozy, the food seemed good and affordable, then perhaps this writer had sought another place for a watering hole, eating and thinking, reading and enjoying like any other place he had went to.

Cheers for the owners and hope that the place continue to thrive for the future.


Sip & Toast is located at KB Building, Lepanto st.cor. Cataluna, Sampaloc district, Manila.