Wednesday, 31 December 2014

"С новым годом!"

"С новым годом!"

At first, let's give thanks to those whom endured the trials of last year. 

Be it a form of a financial crisis, typhoon, or earthquake, let's be thankful that everybody survive with the promise of greener pastures, peace, and hope for the coming year. 

However, expect that 2015 is as same as 2014 and past few years, especially confronting the same foe whom tries to create hindrance in its struggle for its greater glory.

To tell frankly, anything is all but the same as past few years. Same old this, same old that, anything old no matter how you put something "new" in it. Amidst all the modern gadgets, infrastructure and matters trying to create a mood of happiness, age old problems like prejudice, injustice, and disenfranchisement continues to linger; and it is the duty of mankind to completely put an end to this to start an era that is fresh, bright, and new. 

Sorry to say but it's inconveniently true.

But for now, let everyone enjoy this kind of event, and in the Philippines, that event is part of a longest holiday that focus on the birth of the lord; let's start that day with a bang, and those bangs continue till final battle come. С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ!