Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Braving the rain, except the stupid.

Braving the rain, except the stupid.

It seems that there are still stupid people venting their nonsense even in the middle of continuous rain.

Like last year's typhoons and torrential rains, there are those who rather prayed for continuous rain for the sake of "getting chill" if not cursing the entire place for being "sinful" and "be punished" by nature's sudden wind, rain, and floods, sounds stupid and shitty as these people stated rather care about their own interests, specifically their cherished vices if not a personal vendetta that puts a specific ethnicity bad light as they posted it in their social media accounts.

That somehow made people concerned, including yours truly think quite annoying about this. Some did repent after a strong reprimand (including putting down their infamous posts), others rather remain unrepentant in their statements gone screenshoted cursing those living in an affected area for being sinful if not getting "enjoyed" for having no activity and instead seeking a chance to escape. "I don't want to study, I want to party" is one example of this.

But come to think of this, why people concerned has to comment about their bullshit? Most of them did have time for comfort in their rooms, warmed by their electric stuff such as their laptops and tablets, but does not mean has to make bullshit such as cursing the other for having their homes swept by the sudden rain and storm; the latter may've been homeless, but not hopeless as they brave those winds, rain, and storm coming from the east. Those whom braved the rains would also say that it is natural for a country to face these and instead be prepared in facing the sudden rain, strong wind and its consequences, while some rather call for a prayer in order for a country be spared from its coming.

And since there are those whom afford to curse the victims, or carelessly enjoy for chrissakes, haven't they noticed that they are living in a country whose climate consists of wet and dry? Of sudden heat and continuous rain? Even coming typhoons, unexpected earthquakes and sudden volcanic tremors? Perhaps they should think before they do so. 

For their words unravels their idiocy and stupidity. The victims and the concerned did brave the rains, except the stupid who cares about warming their asses.