Saturday, 31 January 2015

"We the bastards..."

"we the Bastards..."

Admittingly speaking, these men are not heroes to be praised but victims of the system to be mourned. Young yet they trained "to serve and protect" the ruling gentries from the very beginning and be inspired by those whom end died "with honour" if not survived and be given citations, praises for surviving the heat and threat around them.

However, in spite of their duty to keep a nation safe for sugar–coated terms like "freedom" and "democracy", these young men are frontliners at first, marching towards their deaths out of their duty, in an operation that was open secret, limited to a few that includes an incompetent head of state and a disgraced officer trying to appear better in the eyes of many. It is quite stupid that these few men can't even help further these frontliners but instead desperate for a million dollar reward money after capturing an international terrorist.

Be it alive or a rotting dead as what they say, they would also seek for fame using that feat, such as their names be published in the newspapers, be vent up in television, radio, or any social media site just to cover up initial criticisms; while those well-armed pawns they had "used", with all their willingness to do their duty surviving the heat of operations are rather left out with few citations and be unheard again except for a few tabloids and gossip about them.

But in spite of having a terrorist killed, what everyone sees of in papers, heard in radio, sought in television and in social media, is deaths of these good men bueng used by the clique all for that goddamn reward money they want to get. It is an open secret, that is basically opening cans of worms called failure, tragedy, double-crossing. Be it that Maguindanao, or the existing ones like Hacienda Luisita, and Mendiola.
These events lies open secrets the so-called president chose not to speak of. And these open secrets involves keeping firm in their vested interests as landlords and compradores, bureaucrats trying to keep firm in their power at the expense of people's trust, rule of law, national honour, and dignity. After all, why on earth the Philippines remained poor amidst its blaring propaganda of a rising economic power? Does the increasing numbers in the stock market, in the business pages telling about "recovery" appeal to the masses seeking well paid jobs, cheap goods, and a higher standard of living? Nope.

While they play in the orchestra of stability and prosperity just like what that president did in visiting a car assembly plant in Laguna, their own Romes are burning with new and still existing tragic events as what this person stated. In regards to today's tragedy, it is natural for commentators in social media sites to blame the Moro people, especially the Moro Islamic Liberation Front for firing back against the men of the Special Action Force with the latter intruding its territory in the middle of a ceasefire and existing agreements, insisting an all out war at the expense of agreements and a semblance of peace, calling them a variety of slurs such as traitors, terrorists, or worse, letting these commentators themselves vent islamophobic sentiments; but no matter what the system tries to speak in defence of themselves, be it in a form of speeches, press releases, and apologetics anonymous in social media sites, the worst responsibility and liable for heckling (rather than criticism) will always fall on the system itself, specifically through these men: Aquino, Ochoa, Purisima, with the first one as its main culprit trying to wash its soiled hands.

Perhaps right is mr. Leslie Bocobo to say that he is a bastard son of Aquino's own nation who chose to go to a car assembly plant than mourn these men in arms being used in an operation he and his peeps talking about, so is this person, and those whom are tired of stupidities made by the system. Be it Moro, Cordilleran, Tagalog or Visayan alike, yet still bastards of that goddamn Aquino's nation.

That's all for now.