Thursday, 29 January 2015

"Treachery?" or a "Scheme?"

"Treachery?" or a "Scheme?"

Notes on the recent events in Maguindanao
And the (possible) stories behind the tragedy

As congress continue to discuss, debate regarding the controversial Bangsamoro Basic Law as well as agreements between the government and the Moro rebels, it seems that a conflict has been brewed again. 

That, 44 members of the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) were brutally killed in a fight against suspected members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Movement (BIFM) in Maguindanao a day ago.  This tragedy was made in the middle of a ceasefire being put into force both by the present government and the MILF with the talks involving BangsaMoro that is ongoing. 

According to the PNP, the objective of the failed mission is to capture terrorists Marwan and Usman, whom were creating bombs according to FBI reports last year. 

However, instead of a successful capture, the mission end up resulting to a killing spree made by suspected "rebels" made in a middle of a ceasefire! Social media sites, such as Facebook, are starting to vent rage against the MILF, calling to renew hostilities a la Estrada, comparing them to Abu Sayyaf, and even describe the said agreement as a scheme to impose Shariah law like any other Islamic state besides separatism. MILF, however, admitted that they acted in self-defence as the SAF entered its territory.

But personally, even prior to that tragedy and amidst the debates about that BangsaMoro agreement same tensions continue to thrive, be it poverty, discrimination, repression. Quite confusing as well that besides MILF, there's the Moro National Liberation Front, or even the armed men of the Sulu Sultanate whom continues to resist in Sabah. If one may ask, which is the legit representative of the BangsaMoro people and its struggle for self determination and social justice? 
Anyways, the fact that there's no problem in arresting Marwan and Usman due to the warrants of arrest given against them, but prior to the said operation, how come it was kept "classified" to some officials especially those trying to vent "peace" or any other claptraps? Isn't it that stupid for President Aquino to bring more Policemen, specifically from the SAF to their deaths due to stupid planning and lack of coordination from the authorities? For twelve hours those officers in Camp Crame were sitting pretty if not looking at the maps, there were no orders given to these men in camouflage and M16s; but instead letting these "well-armed" frontliners be killed by so-called "rebels" with barbarism, and their arms displayed as booty. 

And despite their admissions and at the same time blame games and acting like Pilate, President Aquino, Secretary Ochoa, and the suspended Purisima did the worst mistake of puttting them into their deaths. Aquino didn't even answer the questions regarding that issue amidst admitting that said responsibility while Roxas and the PNP Central Command has nothing to answer about the issue such as no coordination between the central command and the SAF, nor there's no joint action between SAF and the AFP; the latter chose not to get involved "in accordance" to the ceasefire agreement made last year. 
Or worse, these men are stooges of a higher power such as the United States (that according to WikiLeaks, also an 'ally' of the MILF), as well as hungry for a million dollar "reward money" if they capture both Usman or Marwan dead or alive. How come Aquino et al. has enough knowledge about the mission and at the same time feigning ignorance in front of the people, including those of his secretaries (especially Roxas) and the central command of the PNP? 

Today, an investigation has been undertaken, that even the MILF, trying to act serious in negotiations amidst criticism, has been conducting an investigation in that said matter according to their statement. Besides that, calls for another wave of conflict in BangsaMoro has been fanned further in social media sites, that also possibly includes Islamophobic sentiment. 

But, if this writer as well as few amongst the concerned may ask, may think of hypothetically, that there's a hidden scheme behind these; such as that tragedy as made by the system itself using these "rebels", given the fact that wars are also a lucrative moneymaking scheme for those seeking funds in the corrupt Police and the Armed Forces. 

For these officials, war is also business that is lucrative. One would even remember how some corrupt generals profited in selling guns to their enemies if not creating enemies and provoke fear so as to generate income for themselves. Abu Sayyaf is one example of that scheme, that made Moro struggle be darkened further by its terrorism and the use of Islam as its pretext for unjust violence. Thus, besides those from UmbraKato and his men continuing their resistance, as well as suspected MILF rebels, or even remnants of the Abu Sayyaf, then how about corrupt men in camouflage, if not warlords doing dirty job such as Ampatuan? Do they classified as rebels? Terrorists? Brigands? Bandits whom did this hell of a kind work? 

As expected, officials are washing their hands, denying, doing blame games time and again while benefiting from that conflict with kickbacks (especially those of "reward money"). No wonder why the system is corrupted and degenerating because of these bureaucrats in barong, coat and tie, and in uniform.

Anyways, Islam has nothing to do with this, much more if there is a Mujahidin who basically obeys the law of war. Condolences to those whom trying to did their duty, but hoping that the issue does not create a wave of havoc, but a call for justice for the victims of conflict and self determination for the repressed people.