Friday, 20 February 2015

Ode to the BREW KETTLE

Ode to the BREW KETTLE

Not quite bitter, makes a heart tender
As it waters the barren till fine
Crisp is its taste never the waste
That somehow made Brew Kettle mine

Belgian inspired as others say
But to this person would say "come what may"
It's like any other beer as what most see
But the taste somehow fine according to me

However's abit expensive since it's Belgian-inspired
No matter it is made in Laguna as the owner aspired
To brew that crisp taste from the kettles in halls been
And end bottled with "Brew Kettle" label seen

And promoted by maidens clad in black
So beautiful that makes one enticing to buy and back
No matter how expensive the beer as most see
It waters the barren heart according to me

Therefore like the Belgians let us celebrate
Let's toast with the beer so crisp as the taste
With the twist of citrus unlikely for a waste
Hence enjoy before its too late