Monday, 23 February 2015

Treating the battlefield as if computer games

Treating the battlefield as if computer games

It's been few days ago when reports dealt about President Aquino talking with the families of the fallen 44.

Supposedly more of concern and comfort featuring those of the benefits they will be receive, including those of financial support from private companies, that few hours of conversation, also had been cordoned-off media by the authorities, end worse as expected. That, instead of acting as a father to the nation, more of a spoiled brat who as if thinking about keeping his own pride rather than heed the cries of his constituents, particularly the families of the 44 men killed at Mamasapano in Maguindanao.

That somehow made people felt irritated in what he's acting about, be it in his smirks, laughs, and the messages he directly spoken to the families of the victims. As according to ABS CBN news, one of the family members said that they were offended about the President's replies, one of which is this:

"Are you playing computer games?"

That message is simply quite stupid and offensive for the wives and mothers of the fallen, far from what has been questioned such as not been given an airstrike for a fire cover and least save some, if not most men from the sudden reprisal. It made even worse with the President laughing, if not blaming PNP General Napenas just for the sake of answering the said issue straight from their questions:

"Who is to be blame? It is Napenas for he's the one who had planned it!"

Despite what the President said, victims are still thinking that it is impossible for the President himself not to know about "Oplan Exodus" or "Oplan Wolverine". Days ago, The Senate inquiry had showed that the President was briefed about the operation by both suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima and General Napenas last January 9 in Malacanang; that operation wasn't known by The Interior and Local Government secretary Mar Roxas, nor the Central Command of the PNP who supposedly monitors, coordinates with the Special Action Force during that said fiasco.

Again, what Aquino et al. did in that operation was sheer stupidity for the sake of personal fame and diversion from the existing controversy. Aquino tries to be like Begin or Meir, Purisima for Dayan, Napenas for Netanyahu only to found out that their Entebbe end failed for keeping up to themselves and not being coordinated by the Central Command. That instead of medals, caskets; instead of praise, mourn; instead of concern, uttering bullshit to the victims such as comparing the battlefield to computer or any other kind of video games. 

Perhaps, with the existing bullshit coming from the administration and from the President himself, this means an endless ostracism just like his predecessors; as Sorrow, pain, disenfranchisement, hunger, turns to rage, anger as questions left unanswered from the one whose righteous path leads to nowhere.