Friday, 13 March 2015

"Moving on" (sometimes an infantile disorder)

"Moving On"

(Sometimes an Infantile Disorder)

It's been common to hear words whose character is doublespeak, such as today's "Moving On."

Commonly referring to "Forget" and "Letting the past begone", moving on seemed to be what most people say to those whom are trying to disregard altogether the unpleasant past in pursuit of a well-paved future, quite nice to hear though, although in fact it was harder to do. However, there are those whom as if moving on means let it be and you must go on.In other words, trying to think as if it doesn't matter as long as you are trying to act ignorant from the start, rather than forget over issues be it personal or social. 

But Admittingly speaking, moving on is a two way road, and most people whom are using that doublespeak as an alibi for escapism is likely to be described an infantile disorder centered on trying to forget. Sorry to say so in describing it as such but how come most people are just keep on saying moving on as if telling "que sera sera" or "bahala na" in regards to problems that has to be confronted? Quite nice to hear words of letting it go, but being a doublespeak for letting yourself go out of the issue, of leaving it without a solution to resolve seemed making that goddamn situation going: be it the last year's pork barrel, Disbursement Acceleration Program, Billion dollar debt that kept everyone dismay about IMF-WB loans, even the centuries-old landlord-peasant war that no other oligarch-made reform program can avert the tension from a struggling peasant seeking justice. Yes, there were various papers whose intention was to enact, but most were made for the sake of letting them silent and move on with their same old ways; but did it resolve? Nope.
But instead, it end aggravate till everyone aware of it unless  these vast majority of Filipinos are intentionally numb and still escaping every issue for the sake of "happiness" If not passing the blame to the other for not also asserting theirs and instead opposing. Hence, from its very term, "Moving on", "Move on", or any other similar term is more than just letting it go, for sometimes it is mistaken for "Nevermind". And those who just leave it unnoticed and trying to forget as if nothing happened comes bigger problems that no pride-seeking individual can resolve that matter.

Even in simple relationships such as that goddamn stereotypical boy/girl friend matter, moving on sometimes does not even guarantee a good ending and a new chapter, for sometimes it unnoticingly leaves unfinished pages since there's no least dignified closure in a form of a just reconciliation after days, weeks, months, or even years of dispute and leaving it disregarded, is it because one or another is trying to escape and forget yet can't get over its "ghosts" haunting one or another for a settlement if not putting an end with justice? Anyways, sounds "idealistic" though to insist a just reconciliation if not a full swift justice after an hell of a kind mess, but moving on without any closure and just "forget" after disputes involving time, efforts, or any other matter surrounding relationships seemed to make matters worse no matter you ignore. 
Pardon this writer if one is affected for their experiences, but why not try to reconcile, have a closure if not put matters into justice in order to move with least a renewed spirit least the tensions been over and be thrown altogether? Keeping one's self numb and letting matters unsettled as if "able to let it go on its own" cannot resolve tensions but rather aggravates it. Again, that term has become a doublespeak whether you let go of the past with ease or you are trying to escape and trying to forget. 

Anyways, of what are those terms if it is meant to escape and be a fugitive from reality? Even a fugitive from justice ends compelled by its own ghosts to admit responsibilities out of possible retribution! And if there's an urge to move on, perhaps the more reason to move over is to go beyond the parameters that everyone knows as detrimental to their assertions and realisation of such profound aspirations. Of countering the existing and making retributions against the other out of past mistakes and shortcomings, putting a closure that is enough called to be just along with a new chapter to create upon that includes carrying the lessons from the past.

For moving on without looking back does not bring you to the right path. 

That's all for now.