Thursday, 30 April 2015

All after celebrations, An administration that almost surrender resorted to Credit grabbing, And a need for vigilance

"All after Celebrations,
An administration that almost surrender resorted to Credit grabbing,
And a need for Vigilance"

"Mary Jane Lives!" These are the words being posted in every social media page a day ago in celebrating Mary Jane Veloso's sentence being suspended by the Indonesian courts. 

With all the prayers and further pressures on both Philippine and Indonesian governments, seems that her support did changed President Joko Widodo's mind leading to a temporary reprieve with a series of reviews over existing and new documents leading to a possible retrial and decision, that somehow made those who had calling for support least having a smile and rejoice for a moment.

However, that event seemed to be a time for credit grabbing on the side of the administration, that despite being late in its moves it tries to assume itself as the one who made Jokowi (Widodo's nickname) stopped Veloso's execution, that somehow made his supporters, apologetics expressing thanks and his critics a mood of disgust knowing how its earlier actions and statements did prove how incompetent Aquino is in handling such situtation such as saving an innocent Filipina from execution. 

But being fanatic, if not acting apologetic, they demand respect to an haciendero president and its administration regardless of how incompetent or negligent he is in ensuring the Filipino's well being; if not assailing the ones making the protest-vigil near the Indonesian Embassy of disrespecting their law, much more its decision, and lately in downplaying the administration's "effort" in saving.

Anyways, despite the fact that Noynoy Aquino is the president and "hence be respected" like any other filial figure apologetics ought to say in regards to the issue, these people, as well as his die-hard supporters should also remember that the people of the Philippines are the sovereign, his bosses as what he said several years ago; and being boss has the right to criticize his incompetencies, his slack attitudes, and stupidities that made his administration infamously known for. And although "he did afford" to make effort in saving Mary Jane Veloso, it does not mean he and his administration should take entirely the credit. For the people, via the organisations involved, did the updates, the papers, the work that is more than just press releases and statements the Department of Foreign Affairs has afforded to say in front of the camera. 

And actually, they are the ones who make pressure on the authorities. Is a five minute dialouge enough for a negotiation over a serious issue? Not really as compared to a weeks of paperwork, gathering updates from both Philippines and Indonesia, as well as other tasks resulting to breakthroughs in ensuring Veloso's survival.

Furthermore, seems that media and its apologetics did really focus much on Aquino being "savior" unlike his predecessors handing such similar situations. In case of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, did she was given thanks? Then how come Former General Cimatu, Ambassador Segis, was much credited by media for saving Angelo dela Cruz from beheading by the terrorists? In case of Fidel V. Ramos, did he was given thanks? Then how come Roy SeƱeres was then regularly celebrated by media for saving Sarah Balabagan from being executed at the United Arab Emirates? Well, what this person sees is how people of today gave too much credit to the administration for its so-called effort, whilst negating those who directly engage unlike those from the past, that they belittle groups like Migrante International, the National Union of Peoples Lawyers, as well as other groups concerned, for pressuring the administration to focus on the plight of the Filipino diaspora. 

According to Jessica Soho, the Department of Foreign Affairs 
refrained the family from speaking about the issue

For the administration only knows that the Filipino diaspora are milking cows to ensure their corruption, with the Labor Export Policy, it means more remittances and less welfare amidst the hardships and threats workers ought to endure just to ensure their family's well being while working abroad; "forget the welfare, remittances is what we need" as what they obviously think yet can't directly say. And although they made efforts to ensure justice for the convicted victim according to their statements, does not mean should negate, if not forget altogether the actions of the people, via public pressure that is commonly abhorred due to its noise and traffic as they blocked the thoroughfare! 
But come to think of this dear readers, that amidst the credit grabbing being overheard, it is also the same government who had earlier stated that they gave up, and even telling everyone "least the proceedings include due process" amidst having an actually disorderly translation leading to an unfair decision. 

How come a credit grabber of today
Is also the one who gave up yesterday?

That somehow also shared by apologetics few days ago justifying man as born for the laws rather than laws are being made for men. The fact that the law is harsh, and knows no ignorance,  laws are fluid and be open for interpretation in which people ought to seek what is legitimately right in pursuit of one's life, liberty, and happiness. 

However, with the pressure looming further from the streets to social media, seems that they change their supposed legalist tone unjustly condemning to a tone of support for that "Johnny-come-lately" administration to assist Mrs. Veloso; that instead of asserting their earlier statements, they assumed that they are convinced with the recent events leading to a suspended sentence and a possible retrial. They did even credit the statement of Atty. General Pretsayo, but how about Jokowi's statement? Did they consider his statement as well?

Well, amidst the rejoicing, especially those of seeing people congratulating the president for his credit grabbing act, still the time continues to tick again, for there is no final decision yet in regards to Veloso's fate. 

In other words, vigilance. Let's wait for the final decision from the courts, for not all endings are happy.