Tuesday, 28 April 2015

"Time is (still) running fast, but the final decision stays in the side of justice."

"Time is (still) running fast,
but the final decision stays in the side of justice."

Again, time is running fast these days. As people continue listening to the reports, if not making a series of vigils still calling "for a break" or simply altogether shrugging the issue off for the sake of "moving on", an innocent life, no matter how second it is, is at stake and in need of mass support.

Just like what this writer had said in his earlier post, he is one with the people in calling for Mary Jane Veloso's freedom, or even justice, in case that she be fell into the bullets in spite of her innocence as a victim of an evil scheme. Everybody knows that she's arrested, imprisoned, and waiting for a final second of her life whether facing the executioner or in a stroke of luck, a call from Jokowi to remove her from the list. 

And to those whom assuming to be for the rule of law, the rule of law is actually a codified rule of men, that its articles are open for any kind of interpretation, but the main stress is simple yet absolutely important: all for the common good. Everybody knows that the law is harsh, that ignorance is not above the law, but it does not mean those whom are accused are be bereft of a fair trial and hence just simply executed and forget it as if nothing happened. 
Frankly speaking, they are actually not looking for a rule of law given their statements this writer had read in social media, but a leadership principle that requires being above in it. Jokowi's actions, just like Lee, Mahathir, or Ferdie, uses authority, rather than law to justify what they think is for the common good. "Anything for the state, Nothing against the State" as what the quote says. 

Anyways, hope that the final decision stays in the side of justice. 


As of this day, President Jokowi is in a meeting with a migrants organisation in Jakarta talking about Mary Jane Veloso's case. The Indonesian Government has confirmed to them that they got reports of Christine's (who had duped Veloso into a drug mule) arrest. They also stated that they will verify the implications of the arrest on Veloso's case. Meeting with jokowi still currently ongoing. (Source: Pinoy Weekly)