Tuesday, 28 April 2015



a poem for Mary Jane Veloso
made in response to an earlier statement confirming her execution

also feat. scenes from the action near the Indonesian Embassy
by Reynaldo Refran


Well, seems that the so-called apologetics has the last say to the issue. 
That just like from the start they justify having a sacrificial lamb be executed 
in order to say that crime does not pay.

That amidst all the efforts coming from lawyers, of migrants groups trying to gain information, 
Mass organizations, and concerned individuals expressing sympathies calling for freedom, 
these calls are all turned down by an incompetent system 
who also did paying lip service to the bereaved family and friends 
yet doesn't give any seriousness on the issue.

A brother continues to weep, the rest lit their candles,
chanting freedom till turning a vigil into a scuffle
thanks to the men who sworn "to serve and protect".

Sorry to say those kinds of words being expressed in this post,
but how come countries like France and Australia did made Jokowi stopped the execution
while the Philippines, via its own system, its own head of state,
chose to disregard if not saying come what may? 
Is it because it harms diplomatic relations? 
Of the possibility having no allies over scuffles in Sabah and in the West Philippine Sea?

No wonder why they let the issue be disregarded by the system for five years
While migrants and sectoral groups, concerned lawyers, friends and acquaintances
Trying to gain updates, of hearing words like mistrial, retrial, death row, execution, firing squad, coffins, bullets, guns, clemency, commutation, reprieve, pardon, freedom! 

And lately we hear Prasetyo justifying:
 "That’s what our laws decided.
We say, our courts are open, fair and nothing is closed.
We have explained that we’re not against them [personally].
What we fight is the serious crime of drugs.
We ask for prayers and support from everyone
so that this unpleasant duty can be finished well,
 without any disturbances."

Yes, without any disturbances, but in actual the cries becoming louder and louder
That one of them is a victim, that one of them can able to reform
to become well rounded citizens, to express thanks how Pancasila's justice
Is also rehabilitative amidst its strictest tone.

But again, what everybody sees is a heart of stone.
Yes, no compromise for these mules yet how about the cartels
that duped innocents with the illusion of working as legitimate workers
whose remittances be allocated to the "development" of a still "developing" state?

Well then, the call will always be MERDEKA!
She may be dead, but innocence prevails crying for MERDEKA!
If the leaders of today failed to heed the calls of many,
Perhaps the Ratu Adil be given the justice knowing that she is innocent
for a crime unknowingly she did.

Perhaps, another call has been commenced: