Sunday, 3 May 2015

To be called as Ingrates, A faux- "Patronato Real" tainted by negligence, And a call for a true Noblesse Oblige

To be called as Ingrates, 
A faux- "Patronato Real" tainted by negligence,
And a call for a true Noblesse Oblige

(Or how Aquino's apologetics desperately
 trying to change the scene to suit their interests)

In reading comments from various social media sites, specifically calling for their deaths and various slurs pointing against those criticising the system's "noble acts", it's all but desperate for a system, not just the president and his stooges to show its weakness, especially after listening from a mother who, after five years of being silenced yet not given enough support (except alibis) made her expressed badly enough to harm one's pride such as the system's.

With words such as "ungrateful", "ingrate", or even "foolish", "stupid", and "wrong move", both the paid and unpaid hirelings of the system tried its best to change the setting from calling for justice to calling for demise simply because of not acknowleging but instead criticising the system for its gross negligence in saving one's life, such as a convicted daughter, from the execution hall. Sorry to say this, but why should a mother who is been neglected by a system that suddenly became a "hero too late" give thanks to the latter? It even shows how feudal-like the assuming democratic country is compared to its neighbours, not to mention that the system did less, if not none at all in ensuring people's well being, leaving it in favour of private interests as if it promotes development, yet actually not. 

And since they chose not to, then it shows that they really don't like the system's own brand of Patronato Real be shoved in their throats as they assert the fact how negligent and too late the hero the government is. If this person may ask, why should people, particularly the victims oblige to give thanks to the government, specifically to a particular person instead of the taxpayers for the infrastructures and a series of projects amidst its corruption if not incompetence? How feudal-like! And apologetics would even cry "Filipino values" that has been raped too much just to suit in their interests, while at the same time would cry terms such as "credit grabbers", "scene stealers", "epal", to other politicians especially those from the opposition simply because of their intention to curry favor with the people such as this coming elections. Well, no matter how corrupt they are and trying to keep firm in its power, the traditional opposition also did something to prove in which constituents likely afford to appreciate, different from the incompetences and much shortcomings the government did and brought criticism by these same constituents.

But again, opposition or administration, what they did is a modern day patronato real waiting for an exchange, a trying hard noblesse oblige waiting for a sweet reply, and if its subjects can't appreciate, of not giving thanks, especially because of the system's serious lack of attention and shortcomings over promised expectations a patron obliged to focus, leading to half-baked actualisations or mere rhetorics without actions, are being called as ingrates and hence bereft of gifts that are meant to be services. 

Anyways, no matter what the apologetics says, they are still defending an haciendero president, much more a rotten system that is two faced in its character. While they wanted to eradicate patronage politics as shown by Binay and his clique doing just to curry favor especially for the coming election such as an actually existing pseudo-welfare statism in Makati or in Navotas, they can't accept the fact that the administration did less or none in calling for Veloso's justice besides press releases and talks Indonesian President Jokowi likely to treat as complimentary gestures, far from the actual popular pressure, gathering updates, anything from concerned Migrants and Lawyers groups just to change the Indonesian court's decision regarding Mary Jane Veloso's case.

And speaking of Ingrates and being Ungrateful to the head of state, is the families of the 44 fallen men of the Special Action Force are also called ingrates, of not being grateful for not accepting Aquino's statements and gestures? Fact that the Haciendero head of state is much Ingrate than the protestors and Mrs. Veloso for not admitting his accountability, much more in making stupid comments such as "quits", while his apologetics telling everyone that "better focus in progress than tragedy" in a form of Aquino's visit in Mitsubishi plant at Laguna.
So are the victims of typhoon Yolanda, whom are also likely to be called ingrates for not acknowledging the efforts that is rigged by the corrupted agencies such as Soliman's Social Welfare Department, whom had provided them with rotten rice, expired canned goods, while a head of state, as if disturbed from his fantasies, afforded to say "you didn't die right?" In front of these people yearning for an immediate help. 

Well, the arrogance of today's administration, coupled by the stupidities made by its apologetics, rather unveiled hypocrisies and opportunism, or even be described as counterreaction given their messages consists of a "fluid, twisted justice", "rule of law", "patronage politics", and "salvation by a king's grace" while at the same time crying for that same old "change" that requires no confrontation according to their fantasies. To summarise it all, first they babble rule of law and favouring a "just" death penalty without any idea of a due process; then suddenly a change of mood calling for Veloso's salvation with all the hashtags, pictures of Mary Jane, and reports favoring the latter's support for justice; and nowadays back to their supposed moods favoring death and the firing squad, coupled with the words such as ingrate or ungrateful for not acknowledging the president's "action" but instead expressing hatred towards the president out of its own negligence. 

And as for these paid and unpaid apologetics, sorry to say this, that despite arrogance left by the present administration, or actually the ruling system itself, it failed to do its noblesse oblige compared to the ones pressuring for justice and criticizing the former's negligence. A noble duty does not require any specified patron to acknowlege and be given praise, but the important is that one does make a really serious effort to uphold justice and never gives up in its commitment, of acknowleging its shortcomings yet trying to make measures enough to uphold a true sense of justice in its constituents, both within its boundaries and the diaspora outside. The Philippines own experience is indeed feudal like with all its values trying to preserve as such, but devoid of its knightly character and instead substituted by a tyrant who rapes every idea to suit its own goals. No wonder why Aguinaldo's been abhorred for killing Bonifacio and negating the popular-revolutionary character despite his actions during the war of independence (he would have called the Katipuneros as Ingrates for calling him a tyrant); so is Aquino and his antics despite alleged growth rates media loves to show about. 

Anyways, no wonder why back then the Philippines is known to be a country of a million cowards led by one son of a bitch due to its "raped traditions", while those who opposing, be it from the Velosos, from the fallen 44, to the survivors of typhoons Yolanda, are being called as Ingrates, Ungrateful, simply because of disacknowledging the patronato real the rotting semifeudal system continues to cultivate as of these days.