Friday, 12 June 2015

Independence in the era of "Move On" and "Ignore"

Independence in the era of "Move On" and "Ignore"

by Kirit Thanarat

Sometimes, this person would think that it easier to ignore anything and focus on the future.

With reasons such as "full of shortcomings to forget" to a mere "just escape from the past", people wanted to break away from the past and thinking what lies ahead, particularly those what they think "in store for them" be it a future successful career, love life, or for reality's sake anything that is worth for their survival.

But just to disregard the inconvenient reality particularly those of its own society? It is too much for a person tired of hardship, of just giving up and thinking that social issues has no relevance to themselves like yesterday's bullshit. Based on a series of comments and posts in social media, it seems that most people rather chose to escape, by telling themselves "move on" to disregard altogether anything what they think as if irrelevant in this continuing past, all for the illusion of good life rather than confront the reality those whom are concerned sought, acknowledge, oppose, and offer an alternative that benefits most rather than alone. For being PetitBourgeois somehow meant a showcase of idealism with the privilege of experiencing the good life contrary to their supposed backgrounds, that progress meant hard work in their respective professions to change themselves, if not the world and make it appropriate to their so-called "dreams and aspirations", no matter the position or fate their work may be as long as that good life be realised for themselves like those featured in Instagram.

The system, controlling anything in the society, has carefully crafted it, with appropriate sentence, shape, colour, texture, even taste, knowing that these newcomers wanted their dreams to realise "their full potential", not knowing for the latter that they are being unnoticingly exploited, bled dry with gusto. 
Only Few may have noticed the truth hidden behind, and even endure the pain both from being exploited and the sedative being given to, they may continue moving, but the more they simply "move on" and endure being exploited by their surroundings comes a willingness to break down the cycle. 

Admittingly speaking, today's generation would have disregarded social awareness in favour of individualist fantasies. Charity and mere flag waving and taking pride in persons behind sumptuous bread and circuses is enough so is the change of conduct and moving on to the past for the illusory future as as if a panacea for the age-old yet still present day ills the society has to endure. Most would say working hard, savings, and contentment is the solution to the crisis, but in this age of rising costs of commodities and living standards, does it help easing out the burden? These same people meanwhile also clamour support from the superpowers while waving the flag particularly last June 12, but does their clamour and the agreements trying to assert ensure independence against invaders and intervenors? 
Their statements are actually trying to hinder the essence of moving forward, of going beyond the parameters in pursuit of attaining a true, profound, sense of justice as envisioned by personalities and groups of the past, be it the Ilustrados like Rizal or Del Pilar, the Katipuneros like Bonifacio or Jacinto, or even the groups like Colorum and Guardia de Honor that treats such social issues and struggle as "mystically guided".

And since the present generation has nothing to offer except their individualist fantasies, no wonder why this person said this, reflecting their "common" message:

"Well, revolution? Move on! Have a good paying job and family! Don't waste time in that society you are fighting for, be contented and let the authorities handle the issue."

No matter what they say, there will be always those who least trying to keep the roots and harness the future to realise present and future aspirations through its works and deeds. There will be those who will step the boundaries and move forward just to assert what is for the benefit of the people, rather than forget and think as if irrelevant to their own lives; The unknown worker who chisels, transports, and puts together the building blocks for a promising society, with all of its buildings and creations made with a purpose, will live on in these works just like the great intellectual creators of those fulfillments; so is the peasant who tills and harvests, sharing the nature's resource as a contribution to the community than keeping to themselves as if no one cares about the society, of its fellowmen, of its surrounding. 
And these are more than just "goals" that are also featured in social media sites. Yes, these unknown beings are willing to put their lives at risk rather than disregard in favor of pleasures a "normal person"  would have with a disclaimer stating politics has no relevance to themselves in favour of rave parties and shopping sprees; struggle for one's country, its independence, its survival is indeed a complex issue people would call it "difficult to deal", but to ignore it and even compare to a relationship with someone else such as a girlfriend's is tantamount to self-defeat. True that progress has to continue knowing that in it comes a realisation of everyone's happiness, but letting it unharnessed, unguided, and unconsiderable that as if "only an invisible hand can control anything" creates a destructive, retarding mess.

That's all for now. Ignoring the realities does not guarantee freedom as they continue conforming "in pursuit of an illusory happiness."