Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A post enough to earn ire (and assessment)

A post enough to earn ire (and assesment)

It's been a day ago when this person read about a post enough to earn an ire from those who work in those establishments.

That according to the post of Erickson Ignacio Marcos, he recieved a text from a call centre company and offered him a job as a data analyst, that somehow according to him is a mock to his face especially after knowing that his contact details had been acquired from the school where he finished. 

To Marcos, he felt so disappointed that as an alumnus, his school is pimping (sorry for the incorrectness), or rather say refering students to work in companies different from their finished courses, or as what he said "a dream being offered to them". 

Quite "idealistic" though on his behalf, that he criticised his alma mater for offering jobs different drom their respective courses being finished, what more of passing personal information without any permission; but given the choice of words may deem it offensive, especially to those who had worked, earned, and gain some good living standards in the sector for years, hence, earning a series of heckles in social media sites.

Perhaps in this person's view, mr. Marcos has some point that education should be not for sale, that graduates should have a real decent job besides those from the BPO. Forget the grammar or any technicalities as what most commentators see and think after reading that post, but instead, try to read between the lines enough to understand his "irritating" rant.

But on the side of workers in the Call Centre sector, they have no choice but to work given the situation, for there are no truly sound decent jobs to see nowadays besides Call Centre if not becoming a Migrant. Some of them had to stop schooling or desperate to have work after earning their diplomas just to save money all for paying tuition, for their families, or even for chrissakes such as those who enjoy excessive drinking at Tomas Morato. 
True that it is indeed tempting to work in a different sector given the situation, but did the system provide really sound jobs according to what they finish? Remember, some of those who worked earned licenses be it Law, Nursing, or Engineering, but the clear and present situation compelled these supposed Lawyers, Nurses, or Engineers to work as agents instead, given the practicality of what the system offered to them. Therefore, will the system really provide jobs according to their professions?With sound benefits and decent wages? 

Perhaps this person would say that there are certain policies or agreements that should be criticised and not the profession itself taken as their choice. Quite inconvenient though to some, but for these workers coming from various well known mames and situated at various sites especially in Metropolitan Manila, they have no choice but to work for long hours enduring someone else's complain for some troubleshooting, unless one of these workers thinks that it is a temporary solution prior to practising their craft with sound money or even leaving country for abroad in pursuit of greener pastures and forgetting pasts. 
In fact, this person has friends from that sector, and some knew that in reading between those lines lies understanding the the reality that behind good pay and somewhat good living standards is conditions enough to describe as exploitative especially when it comes to issues involving health and security, of respecting laws especially the right to gain benefits. One example comes from Reynaldo Refran, who, also coming from the Call Centre sector, expressed reality of underemployment and those benefited from their hardships:

"Reading between the lines, what Erickson Marcos has been ranting about is the fact that his school has been peddling information to the big capitalists. Nowhere in his rants did he diss the BPO peeps... he should've also attacked the fact that many graduated end up being underemployed because they couldn't even get kobs that suit their educational attainment (unless they end up as OFWs).

I don't see anything misguided at all in this rant, as some quarters would claim. If only we read between the lines, he hit the nail right in its head."

But anyways, it's up to the reader to provide opinions or appraisal about his rant. And knowing that t
his person knows that most people, particularly those who work at as agents, may blame him for his statement or even his grammar, blame also the system that failed to provide sound jobs besides those of the BPO if not a guest worker outside the country. Blame also the institutions that despite providing help for graduates, including those of tying up with other companies or institutions alike, yet far from what they are supposed to work according to what they finish. And criticise institutions for failing to heed the needs of the employees as perscribed by the state, especially those of benefits, good living wage, and assistances a well earned company has to provide to its workers. 

But again, back from the statement of his, come to think of this, on the first place, why passing some information to another without any permission from the person itself? Nothing is wrong about having a job, but privacy would be enough factor for a criticism.