Sunday, 16 August 2015

"Of Revisiting works and making Considerations"

"Of Revisiting works and making Considerations"

Critical remarks om the subject of contemporary culture exploited 
by the current dilapidated order

It's been years passed since this writer has made writeups criticising contemporary culture and how the system exploited in it.

Ranging from fashion, music, dance, anything the system afforded to observe and exploit in the guise of creativity, at first, it is worth criticizable yet there are some that are worth considerable to thrive as it deviates from the "flow" created by "merchants" and "harlots" in the culto-entertainment sector, that somehow made it worth criticisable to some, if not most of the concerned all after seeing people under current. 

At first, why it is worth criticisable? Is it because of a choice in appearance, sound, movement, attitude emanating from a person? Or a fad in which a person compels to emulate and oftentimes putting some "colour" or "flavour" enough to create "uniqueness"? The massive influx of foreign goods plus the "creativity" of most consumers, created something "unique" enough to entice people more to buy, use, and even engage as if there's a "choice" or "identity" involved. 
That obviously behind it is exploitation both in mind and in the pocket of the people. In a writeup made few years past, this person sees that behind making "twists" in any part of culture (music, art, fashion, etc.) to accomodate lies both popular acceptance and exploitation by the system, in which the latter profits much from packaging, selling, and enticing people to buy and engage. True that in creativity  uses existing ideas and tools to create a semblance of uniqueness, although it's also true that the system whom afforded to import and repackage, take advantage of that "creativity" to distort, dilute, exaggerate, or negate, enough to entice people more as it deviates from reality in favour of fantasy:

"That, basing much on our surroundings, and on what mass media propagates, the culture prevailing nowadays is a culture of the west and east simply being adored by many to the extent of putting some "Filipino" twist to accommodate more and perhaps in pursuit of making it "Filipino" the way an Italian Spaghetti should be sweet and sour to accommodate the Filipino taste. 

However, due to the overtly influx of foreign goods, including TV programs and movies, people became totally dependent from it; and as from the earlier statement, putting some "Filipino" twist to accommodate more, thus generating profits to those who tried to insist through; no matter what response from the people would say so about it."

But come to think of this, as the system treats music, sport, art, or any other part of culture as anæsthesia, it is also but a source of corruption, immorality, profit. And for this reason, just like yesterday's religion and its distorted use of faith by these same people on high peddled to many, it has been an opium for the masses and fully contributes to a social lobotomisation.

Such distortions, exaggerations, dilutions, negations, all made by the system infantilises problems, conceals socio-political awareness, even reduces culture into just profiteering ventures in a way mainstream artists being depended on the whims of their managers when it comes to their survival (including those of packaging themselves and their craft). These distortions, in this person's point of view, makes culture very poor if not almost worthless despite popularity after regularly being shown, imitated (or rather say aped) by most people, and be profited from it by today's well-known producers.
On the other hand, there are those whom had been enjoyed in their respective genres, such as singers, that some did outgrew imitating existing ones in the music scene in favour of cultuvating own talent, power, and sincerity, particularly in their words and music being used and enjoyed by many, truly trying to be creative that somehow least giving a renewed phase thst is different from what the system trying to "create" such as what this person stated. How come there are rappers, rockers, or musicmakers of any other genre suddenly express social awareness, of "breaking away from the flow" and be replaced by a true, profound expression despite the prevailing norm of false pride, self-centredness, and a hodgepodge of bullshit mainstream media has popularised, mass-produced and distributed? Well, popular music tries to be really popular than just mainstream and has trying to overturn the latter! 

So is in fashion, or even dance with all the shows that commonly featured "talents" made to impress for chrissakes, true that today's fashion and dance may have been less creative and more canned with the system trying to package as "in accordance to everyone's interest": be it those of the snapback caps, shorts, jogger pants, or any other apparel regularly being shown in tarpaulins under various names be it original or fake, as well as featured in shows that are commonly branded as "bread and ciricuses" the system profited. 
But to call it as choice and interest of an individual? Nope! Everyone is just simply compelled by the flow, rather than personal choice so as to get "in" as if that is making one handsome or pretty in the eyes of others no matter it contradicts its persona as an individual or not really quite fitting despite trying to impress all for chrissakes. Where is that choice if sameness prevailed despite alleged "uniqueness" coming from various names? Perhaps it depends upon to the wearer though to appear unique than the others, but most of these people compelled to get in rather ape as if a panacea to appear part of the scene through its mediums, with its featured talents being shown. After all, today's turn of events actually created a consumption generation where everything is "come and go in an instant" no matter how shitty created it is. Worse, it has little or no choice at all. 
Same as in nudity. Like fashion and music cultivated much by the system, this person's earlier post once thinking that what were they invoking as they show some of their skin besides those of being "yummy"? Perhaps harlots has almost replaced artists when it comes to artistry as they replace "beauty", "youth", "virility", "strength", "nature" with just "seduction", "vanity" and nothing else besides the two to temper the former; and indirectly encouraged by the system in a way the work of the late great Fernando Amorsolo has been replaced by a frustrated Venus, complete with hair colour and awkward posse of covering breasts and genitals, taking picture in front of the camera lens all for the sake of a thousand, if not a million likes in a social media site after being posted. Quite strange, while on the other hand, an artist was criticised for his pantings, whose appearance were described "provocative" or "pornographic" regardless of being based from artworks made centuries ago. Imagine making an almost accurate detail of an Apsara or any other mythological being be criticised for being bare breasted and seducious in its appearance while tolerating a frustrated Venus or Rusalka posted in a social media site? 

by Orlando Castillo
Strange indeed but inconveniently true to see good talents becoming "grace for the slaves" paid on behalf by the system. Sorry for criticising it though all after seeing inconveniences behind the so-called "beauty" and "talent" of today's culture, but to think that the system distorts, exaggerates, dilutes culture in the name of interest, then why not? Fashion, music, art, dance, anything that has created by the people has been used by the system via its own outlets controlled. That artistry is almost disregarded, that with television and billboards regularly shown sameness with different names, choice has been almost replaced by compulsions (direct or indirect) enough to entice people to join into the current as if it can benefit themselves as persons. 

And as for its refuse? Or those who are tired from being used? Maybe they are trying to break away by cultivate more out of their observation and expression, to the extent of going beyond the conventional the way they took years of cultivating their talent to gain followers as part of the trend,  therefore it may also take years to cultivate their talent enough to break away from the conventions using the same genre of their interest. Be it fashion, music, art, or anything that has been exploited by the system and now trying to be retrieved from those whom had took the craft seriously for years. They somehow knew that the system, controlling anything in the society, has carefully crafted it using all the talents they afforded to show, with appropriate style, movement, sentence, shape, colour, texture, even taste; and knowing that from these newcomers wanted their dreams to realise "their full potential", not knowing for the latter that they are being unnoticingly exploited, minds gone distorted, well-beings bled dry with gusto.

These same few may have really noticed the truth hidden behind, and even endure the pain both from being exploited with the sedative being given to, thus, they continue moving, but the more they simply "move on" and endure being exploited by their surroundings comes a willingness to break down the cycle the system has made to its subjects. Or maybe these people sought the truth how through their talent people became unaware, of having their minds lobotomised by the system.

For sure they are tired of having a culture consists of graces for the slaves, they wanted a culture that demands more expression than impression, and that may includes going beyond the establishment's pseudo-liberality.

No wonder why Fuck the System and Yes Death has been one of today's calls.