Wednesday, 26 August 2015

"Unearthed yet still forgotten"

"Unearthed yet still Forgotten"

Seeing all the comments bear memories to see
Most of them are already lost or dilapidating truly
With its walls cracking enough to demolish
Most of which were once palaces, halls enough to astonish
The ones who post are old, the readers are young
The young once who once dwellth in places once unsung
Most if not all lately remembered with the new edifices done
Once situated in the complexes whose machines once continuously run

Besides the factories there were fields covered with grasses
Few buildings were once set, but most were parks visited by lasses
Whose afternoon picnics with potato chips and root beer
Makes she and her boyfie end kissing quite so dear
Most of these were shown by pictures
So old yet remembering to some with its features
That made the new ones afforded to see 
Fields of old buildings with or without chimneys, if not full-grown grasses and age-old trees

Quite idealistic for the old to reminisce those memories
A dream almost realised with speeches and factories
Churning to and fro, left and right
Trying to show the world a new found might
Of harvesting rice and seeing molten steel
Of making marmalades of sugar and orange peel
Time forward! Is the call asserting the future the yong once told
In their mini essays reminiscing the almost forgotten old

In every nostalgia I see, is a utopia for today,
For everyday is all but a come what may;
In a way way back then were the complexes with chimneys lies,
Are the billboards and malls continuously rise;
Seeing all the pages, seeing comments to remember,
The old looks their past as perfect, therefore it should had been forever;
But in this world inconveniently true, everyone just don’t care,
And showing real love, seeking true change is somewhat rare.