Monday, 7 September 2015

"A poem for the endangered Mountainfolk"

"A poem for the endangered Mountainfolk"

Source: National Council of Churches of the Philippines/Rappler

The sound of the rifle creates chaos over the tropical forests
Coming from those who speaks on behalf of order and interests
Its sound casts hell so are the hot bullets
That spattered blood and death over the folk who rose from their rests

These folks are innocents yet still blamed for their cause
For they opposed the devils trying to take down what they grown
That the land where their root crops is where the gold and copper lies
That made the monsters reply: surrender or take the price

Last time we hear the news of these folks left their villages
They still hear the threats reminiscent of long ago, blaming them for collective rage
That often resulted to deaths and be branded as rebels
In press releases if not articles by those who failed taking truth to tell

Last time we also hear the cops trying to barge their refuge till almosr night
Ordered by a self proclaimed deity who afforded to show "concern" on their plight
But no, what the folk see was far from her statements far from right
Besides calling them dirty, an unsightly blight

There are more news to hear about these suffering folk
From displacing from their villages, cops barging their refuge and now death out of their hopes
Just because of their land whose monsters ought to take
No wonder why revenge is the call by who afford to make

Where are the others who afforded to cry for endangered species and fallen trees?
Where were the others who afforded to post justice for refugees?
For they can't even afford to put their hearts on the news the concerned see
Of a folk from the tropical forests, like birds trying to break free.