Saturday, 3 October 2015

Darkness remains, Freedom in flames

Darkness remains
Freedom in flames

As this person observed, attachments to anything the system has offered, particularly those from its "state of the art" foreign master will find the desire to break free from the old order impossible for todays people.

Ranging from infrastructure to modern goods in nice packages, the system has trying to make everyone blind, deaf, and mute from the realities the system has badly done to its constituents. And for today's people, increasingly consumerist in character, rather cannot "bite the hands" that has been feeding their minds with various forms of fantasies. The system, however, is trying to cling as possible by means of adapting and modifying change into something that emphasises much of its own interests. 
That sometimes it may described as "reform" or even "revolution from above" for as the system "remolds" and "modernises" while keeping firm in its age old exploitative "traditions" rooted in interests; but to think that the system's character has nothing to do with the aspirations of the people except to exploit, of what are these remoldings then? The system's intention to "change" is to keep in its own interests ranging from adapting modern methods to parroting patriotic sentiment in case of what people currently expressed.

Quite strange to think that the intention to make "change" in pursuit of keeping firm in its interest doesn't even pave way to upliftment, particularly to the labouring people. For the system can't provide "truly and really serious" support for 11.1 million unemployed (or underemployed) masses and 1.2 million farmers having tenancy agreements. Of having "really existing" low wages (2-5%) regardless of rising productivity rates (26%) with 66 million relied on 125 pesos per day, and 67.2 % admitted being poor regardless of the system afforded to say a growing economy and a developed society. Hence, likely to describe that word "Change" as all but rhetorical for the system via its press releases if not "justified" by a series of half-hearted projects, that are obviously attempts meant to "appease" the clamouring people be it those having gadgets (yet burdened with higher taxes) to those working overtime for enough wages (yet burdened with higher prices). 

But whatever the system tries to assert their statements, the people's expression is more than just flag waving sentiment or a praising of old and new heroes clamouring for freedom alone, but also a clamour for real development that is based on the people's demand, be it justice, peace, land, and bread. It may deemed age-old for it was clamoured in the past, yet knowing that the present system has shrugged the people's demand and at the same time sensing a growing poverty and discontent, of what is change if it is not for the people? Remember: China has been threatening its neighbours particularly in the disputed islands including the Philippines, while the United States has been brewing conflicts in the middle east as well as in the Philippines itself through the present system; the neighbouring countries in southeast Asia has trying its best to stand up on its own with all the knowledge they inherit or acquired being used to practise their self-reliance and devlopment; but how about the Philippines? 

Well, based on observations, it is "natural" for the Filipinos to run towards Uncle Sam to fight against Fu Manchu, and tell the world that the country as weak and incapable of fighting against a stronger foe, calling for help from its neighbours whom likely to have half-hearted statements as they're also trying to keep their own national interests; but come to think of this: since the Filipinos also afforded to take pride in its struggle with its heroes like Rizal, Bonifacio, and Antonio Luna, of being industrious in the eyes of the west and east, and even babbling about self-reliance in case of the armed forces, then how about start making serious in its struggle for existence, of asserting the demand for national independence through self reliance than relying to a sly entity that has been assuming both as a savior and a rapist? There are less factories yet more commercial establishments controlled by the compradores; there are even more farmlands yet its peasants remained chained to its feudal pasts; several attempts for development coming from patriotic-minded individuals has been diluted, reduced to rhetorics, if not trashed altogether by the system whose perspective emphasised keeping firm in its compradore-feudal interests; and for decades the Philippines has not escaped from its indebtedness caused by loans from moneylenders like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, so is the decades-old benevolent assimilation whose legacy is a generation of Filipinos whose minds failed to break free from the dictates of the United States. Quite inconvenient though to read this post, knowing that Philippines, although situated in a southeast Pacific side of Eurasia, has not yet left from its Atlanticist "character" like any other repressed tributary self proclaimed as the free world.

Again, thanks to that benevolent assimilation that has created a generation of dependents and vassals to a developed superpower. The system benefited so much that they rather let multinationals and its own vassals exploit resources and labour for export as well as letting cheap imports take over every market, crippling local establishments and threatening jobs; than protecting its own enterprises, undertaking agrarian reform, undertaking a serious social welfare program, and urging everyone to roll their own sleeves and set new foundations of a developed state. Although it is appreciative to see contributions and benevolence coming from once colonisers be it those of Spain and the United States, its negative effects continues to linger with everyone yearning for social justice and self determination. "Plough, Work, Build the Nation, work and learn as ever yet" as one passage says to having a nation that is truly independent. But no! What people may ought to describe the present situation under the decadent dilapidated system is that "darkeness remains, freedom in flames."

Admittingly speaking, in seeing a renewed sense of patriotism, especially after watching movies like "Heneral Luna" and other related works, somehow lies a clamour for breaking free from its dependent past. It may take years, decades, even centuries with the system trying its "best" to negate that idea and reduce into a mere legacy like any other textbook summary only few ought to understand. Yes, true that the country has been weak for years up till the present, failing to confront bigger enemies and crying for outside help like everybody sees of it; but what makes it weak if not having a system being dependent from a so-called superpower, obedient to a retroactive policy, and repressive to those who are asserting national independence, dignity, peace, justice, land, and bread? Well, for sure everyone hears about terms like "unfinished revolution", "social volcano", "revolt of the poor", calling for a "moral recovery", upholding a "righteous path", anything populistic yet those who afforded to speak are also scared on those words as people, sick and tired of repression and crisis has been awaken and willing to make fire as possible! The system has been trying to put things under control from its own armed thugs to social media, from online trolls harassing the aware to prison cells full of those committed to the stuggle. Yes, that system who has afforded to talk about "blood and honour," "soil and freedom" to those of "revolt of the poor" is actually aggravating an existing issue, be it those of centuries-old feudalism, corrupt bureaucracy, a vassal of a foreign entity masquerading as a protector of the free world against its enemies.


Well, thanks to the book "Kasaysayan: History of the Filipino People" to feature posters made during the Japanese-Sponsored "Republic", for those works even reflect the aspirations such as a truly independent nation capable to stand up for themselves. True that darkness remains under the present order, and the people continues to rage against the dying of its own cherished light those who fought cherishedly given to them.