Sunday, 25 October 2015

"A poem for the marching mountainfolk"

"A poem for the marching mountainfolk"

Source: Kilab Multimedia

Let us rejoice to see the marchers coming
From south to north amidst foes encountering
The sound of justice comes with the beat resounding
Full of hope and joy, worth repeating

Tired of of injustice, tired being disenfranchised
From thugs and its attack dogs, murderers despised
The halls of learning closed not ravaged and its men killed and defiled
Being called enemies of the people, with insults in various styles

So are the mountains, commonly splattered with blood
Of innocents whose body lying in arable soil commonly trod
Just for a precious ore lying underneath dirt and sod
Ready to be taken altogether by those able to strike a rod

Their plight being debated in various halls
Often resorted to insults and a series of catcalls
Various alibis from the other side followed by washing hands and all
Denials and justifications, heckles from its paid hack trolls

The books may have been destroyed, and children faced fear
They yearned education and justice, from friend and peer
As they march south to north they hear peoples cheer
Dare to struggle, dare to win, have no fear!