Saturday, 7 November 2015

Cooperation? Don't think so!

Cooperation? Don't think so!

Notes prior to the summit of the "Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation"

by Kat Ulrike

souce: Jun Sanchez

To think that the system is eager to present a fa├žade of upliftment if not those of widespread development, it is nothing but a continuation of keeping firm in its feudal tradition, swaddled in garments called developmental state supported by international capital. True that there are well paved roads and bridges, malls and various modern looking edifices, but being a predominantly backward agricultural country with the system's intentionally disdaining for total industrialisation rather exposes the fact that the country clings in its feudalism, and it somehow benefits "developed" countries especially those who tried to keep interests in the islands such as those of mining and plantation sites in Mindanao, particularly those contested by the Lumad folk.

And also to think that while the United States and China are projected as rival countries and its "disputes" as "cold war-like", their collaboration to maintain their hegemony makes them worse than what Filipinos have experienced in the past, what more of today with policies whose perspective clings to semicolonialism, and with "cooperating" groups like APEC, in which includes these two "rivals" involved, rather bring further neoliberal policies to both underdeveloped and developing countries masked by the mantra of globalization.
In its four decades of "developmental intervention", with phrases such as “Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World”, these neoliberal-oriented groups and policies sponsored by these "developed countries" have proven to only serve its interests while aggravating problems to those called "underdeveloped" or "developing". Also to think that contrary to the system's propaganda mills and hordes of apologetics, maldevelopment continues to aggravate with Unemployment Rate in Philippines that has increased to 6.50% in the third quarter of 2015 from 6.40% in the second quarter of 2015; while commercialization and annual budget cuts on state universities and colleges (SUCs) continued still with billions of pesos having collected from tuition and other school fees imposed on students of public schools. Tuition fee in the University of the Philippines for instance, the country’s so-called "national university", is much more expensive than other private schools.
These examples showed how aggressive neoliberal globalisation sponsored by "developed countries" is especially when it comes to crippling domestic jobs, rising dropouts, distrust to appointed and elected officials whose intention is to warm their seats and filling pockets.

With these inconvenient examples, then it shows that isn't it that hypocritical for a system who afforded to babble development, upliftment, progress yet actually trying to hid the actually-existing poverty and repression? Rising unemployment rates, commercialisation of education, health, and various forms of social services, aggravation of poverty what more of feudal repression in the countryside, justified by agreements and laws craftily made to appear populistic as such. Sorry to paraphrase Goebbels but with neoliberalism and globalisation, all is under the control of international banking syndicates who formulated certain policies. It is not national capital that moves international, but international economic hyenas that move international capital together with its compradore and landlord counterparts, whose intention is to keep firm in its domestic interests. The system's semfeudal interests has been continued to be swaddled with international capital, so as to present the society "look modern". The fact that Tollways, Railways, Banks, Factories, Aviation, Schools various forms of assets, everything profitable has been controlled by local and international oligarchs whose offices are in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, to those of Makati and Taguig. True that they "afforded to create a facade of progress", but these shares are worthless, for they don't roll over railways, man the factories, till and reap cash crops, don’t produce bread or goods and make, nor give money as basis to uplift wholeheartedly the masses. They are only good for interest, worse, keeping firm in its status quo particularly its semifeudal-semicolonial character courtesy of existing and possible agreements coming from the present social order besides those of bureaucratic corruption and repression."

Well, no wonder if this so-called "straight path" that is soiled and bloodied creates a path for the modern-day Bolsheviks to storm the palaces and centres the system trying to keep firm with. Cooperation with the rotten system and globalisation? Don't think so, for it is impossible!