Monday, 30 November 2015

"For a Renewed Patriotism, and a True Solidarity of Peoples"

"For a Renewed Patriotism, 
and a True Solidarity of Peoples"

In this past few months, it's good to hear about solidarity all for the sake of building a growing country. However, not all people can be solidarised as such. 

Looking at the significant events of 1896 till the present, both of its successes and shortcomings, shows that the unity of the people should exclude those who chose to intentionally remain backwards in favour of their interests, if not trying to disregard the true clamour of the people amidst parroting their sentiments. True that the country today is independent with its flag, anthem, and laws, of being recognised by several countries abroad, but as long as centuries old repression remains, of clamouring for land, labour, and a decent living wage, of what is solidarity if that includes the repressors whom afforded to babble the same words of freedom and justice so as to sneer the ears of the yearning mass? Again, it's been years passed, and still the country heroes fought for is still in its continuing past. 

And since media outlets and machineries of the system afforded to parrot the words this person thinks of, then it is indeed pleasant to hear words like respect and solidarity, or even unity, of seeing people remembering the deeds heroes done for the country's sake, but to see these same people doesn't internalise the value coming from these heroes especially those who had really fought and died for it, with all its sworn acts such as those of defending and serving the repressed, then this person would say that these so-called flag-waving, Filipiniana-wearing people making an impression aren't really patriotic despite what they are trying to impress with, knowing that some, if not most of them think there is no chance to stand up on its own yet can't even have the urge to assert what the nation needs as it favours its own interests. 

Imagine, in an article related to mass transport systems, it shows that its Chinese "enemy" has afforded to roll their sleeves and work such as making a Maglev train despite imitating Western design and technology. Least the Chinese tried to like its neighbours, and this person cannot blame them since these Chinese are for years trying to make an impression of tangible progress such as technology and modernisation. Remember, they create their own version of German Mausers during the Manchu era and Russian T-54s during its Maoist phase, and today they want to look at German or French or even American examples so as to create an improved Chinese one in an era wherein trying to bridge their brand of socialism with globalisation. 
While on the other hand, Filipinos, driven by the recent events over Spratlys and Scarborough, are rather making fuss out of it, and it shows insecurity that made them crying for Uncle Sam, the Japanese Samurai, or whatsoever from the ASEAN countries for help than rolling their sleeves and create their own so as to add their strength and build a lasting expression of progress and stability. Ironically, they also create be it the Road Train, or the Automated Guideway Transit which is still in its expreimental stage, or perhaps merely for the sake of cosmetic impression rather than resolving the problem of mass transportation, and perhaps others important like national defence, agriculture, unemployement, modernisation. 
Both China and the Philippines has undergone struggle and consolidation, of war and peace, of construction and reform, both hath babbled the terms this person ever heard of such as "solidarity" or "unity", but come to think of this, how come China, the rouge country described by mainstream media, has been serious in its commitment? 

Anyways, that example shows that the system's failure to make more effort in responding the needs of its constituents. Again, as said earlier, they afforded to babble that they are serving the people, yet in stubbornly keeping their interests, their words are as empty as their souls. There may be few bureaucrats who would still afford to provide trying to show a semblance of a national concern, but, how about the others whose goal is to enrich themselves, making façades all for the sake of impression and be supported by apologetics trying to justify such stupid, if not horrific actions besides those of babbling every optimistic-sounding word or phrase showing how desperate trying to appease the people? 

Well, sorry for incorrectness though, but since these people afforded to make a fuss especially in social media sites, when was the time the Philippines tried to create a serious act in resolving a social problem besides stop-gap solutions if not mere self-help? Or rather say when was the time the country truly build that is sturdier and better than its neighbours, all not for impression but to address the clear and present situation? As said before, there are earlier proposals that are left collecting dust in the archives of the government, and most of which are relevant including those of regaining "forces" that made a nation "great". Words like "solidarity", "justice", "unity", were inscribed in those texts same as their plans, be it a canal, extending train network, or any kind of infrastructure trying to knit the country in spirit of those words this person stated. But will these be realised in a system that emphasises its own interests? No.
And sorry to say this, that the more people assert its hollow, cosmetic "pride", the more its neighbours call them "overdressed monkeys" as in the past. And thanks to that goddamn Uncle Sam for making that happen as its former colony, that one after another wondering why protests for land and justice happen amidst façades of modernity and progress.