Wednesday, 16 December 2015

"Dear Karen,"

"Dear Karen,"

Dear Karen,

It's been weeks passed when I last met you
It was the day I brought you goodies, having dinner, and having music sessions 
venting my problems through
And listening to your suggestions, to your redinitions of existing songs
That makes me feel at ease, regardless of expecting problems along

Earlier, when you were sick at that time
I hath brought you goodies, answered some of our questions
Enough to create our dreams and aspirations
Fit for the picture if not for the sketchbooks 

And during those times perhaps it makes me quite happy to be with you despite loneliness
Quite saddening for that word "loneliness", but what's wrong in being single-blessedness?
Comrade, despite the enjoys of being alone we also yearn for love,
After all, we didn't live in this world without someone.

Thanks for the times that I met a friend whom happened to talk to for long in person
Yet your friend has more to do with you and less to deal with me 
Ironically, I like her before, we even talk through the phone, yet I think all is but hopeless
But because of you I feel enough having a renewed sense of happiness

But on the other hand you chose not to deal with love after what was happened to you
You broke up with someone from abroad, and even you turn down an offer from a suitor-friend,
But I know you still love most of your friends, and perhaps that includes me
What's wrong in getting friendzoned? At least there's communication between we

But I admit, I like you so much, and maybe it is more than a friend
Yet on the other hand I don't want to hurt you, nor even offend
It happened that you renew my interest in history and art all my life
Like waves once silent this time through a long rage day and night

And the fact that you inspire me making time well spent
At Krus Na Ligas, or at Maguinhawa, it's pleasure to have you for a loving friend