Sunday, 27 December 2015

"Feels Trip at West Ave."

"Feels Trip at West Ave."


This poem was made on the same day during the event this person has participated with in a bar. Whilst drinking beer and listening to other's poems, rants, and summarising their featured works, he was making this work.

More friends more strangers
Gather at Black Kings late than never
Seeing some acquaintances yet going to eat first
Miso ramen so expensive but can't withstand hunger or thirst

Hearing statements, poems and feelings
Seeing pictures of people, nudes, young masses
Then a friend did not give me gift as promised weeks ago
Nevermind for the event's enough a gift, so why should not I go?

At the counter had to buy a bottle of beer
Pale pilsen, old school, like dad and his peers
While listening to their words drinking, here making a writeup to finish
Of W├╝rtzbach and Maykel, Yankees and the once Vanquished

Then after long came I stood at the stage
Showing drawings, some hurting feelings, realtalk to fill the page
Poetries full of pasts likely to call mistakes
If not last lantern parade, or even rainy day feels

And deep inside as if trying to be Limonov
Of Grazhdanskaya Oborona and the late Egor Letov
For the reality of having hell being described in the poems
And the promise of Heaven to those being sown

Then came along two old men
Legend as others say but trying to low profile as they can
Some young end smiling noticing who are they then
Such as one who after seeing pictures, discounts has offered to them

But as they left later, this person seems feeling alone
Yes there may be friends around Black King's but most busy along
The sound of Imago often makes past memories prolong
As everyone listens if not singing to their song

And as I go home after I just find nevermind
The important is to meet them, and say the poems enough to understand
But in the end they only hear is my realtalk, some left and quite sorry if it feels rage
Obviously it is not even enough to fill the page