Thursday, 10 December 2015

"Christmas" for the "Sick" and "Tired" of the Present System

"Christmas" for the "Sick" and "Tired" 
of the Present System

"When I feed the hungry, they call me a saint. When I ask why people are hungry, they call me a Communist."
- Dom Helder Camara

Well, as expected, this season is truly a season of sharing, of giving, of rekindling love and various virtues if not those of gifts, mouthwatering dishes, and repetitive music. However, to the sick and tired of actually-existing repressive realities, Christmas is a season of yearning for a just peace, far from what commonly described by mainstream media outlets with its star-studded videos.

However, not all would say find such impressions as Christ-like. As Christmas has been commercialised and focused heavily on Santa Claus and other commercialised personalities including those of "Christian Virtues" and "Morals", this person sees the inconvenient fact that those who are "sick" and "tired" of the reality has demanding the impossible, such as the above statement. For as far as this person knows that the reality brought by today's order failed to produce justice not just peace, various policies supposed to amelioriate social problems failed to be enacted by so-called "representatives of the people" as protests for peace, land, and bread been overheard from the streets to social media. 

Quite offending to some but is there really a person who is capable to question the reality despite giving something to the less fortunate? This person may have quoted some verses equating Christ to the sun of justice as the children of god has yearned for a person able to understand their plight and bring justice as its goal. People, particularly those called "rich" and "famous" may able to provide gifts to the poor, making some vows of charity as they could, but amongst these people, are, sorry to say but likely to be described as "pretentious" as their actions are done all for the sake of impressing the way yuletide-themed videoes trying to invoke as such. But did they question reality? Maybe, or maybe not as they focused on pretentious impression trying to act saintly just to cover up their scandal. Certain artists, politicians, personalities enjoying fame and fortune has greatly done so to show how "charitable" they are, but for sure few able to question the reality yet prefering to keep on to themselves. 
And the poor? For sure amidst having canned goods for the yuletide feast they are tired of being given, and they want to demand something that they themselves can do so. Obviously they wanted jobs with a real living wage, an arable land to till, livelihoods to sustain themselves and their communities, but is the system, amidst promising and trying to enact their calls are truly given? The living wage as what workers said are called "libing" (a Filipino term referring to "Burial") for it does not sustain their income especially in a time prices increasing; lands coming from landlords and corrupt bureaucrats aren't being justly distributed to the needy farmers what more of being converted these arable lands into something far from agricultural; livelihoods may have been given by certain personalities particularly politicians, but did these livelihoods sustained needy individuals and communities in a policy where cheap imports crippled their hardships? Again, the poor may have enjoyed the canned goods, but these poor cannot stop from complaining about the reality and asserting the alternative. That even the learned has afforded to complain the inconvenient reality behind such virtuous actions as the quote from above clearly stated.

Again, sorry for the rant, but as giving and sharing has becoming a promotional feat than a virtue, its value may likely to deem nothing except promoting age-old patronage politics if not trying to appease the people with pseudo-promises and some piecemeal "solutions". For time and again, this person sees Christmas with all its fund drives and less immersions, more profits and less contributions, and for politicians, piecemeal reforms than real implementation of social justice; and for sure these vast mass of "sedated" masses, if awakened and agitated, will show the world about what "Yuletide Madness" look like, in a way the poster from Limonov's "NazBol" has featured such as Santa Claus showing gifts of guns to a willing.

And by the way, here's a song from the band Гражданская оборона, with its well-known song Моя оборона. Sorry for it is Russian.