Thursday, 31 December 2015

Same Old New Year in this Today's Plastic World

Same Old New Year in this Today's Plastic World

(And how some people still yearning 
for a new yet meaning world this New Year)

At first, this person conveys greetings this start of 2015. And like any other year, 2015 means a new start for everyone: new dreams, new challenges, new gadgets, new shows, new claptraps being vented all from January to December in the name of pleasure and enjoyment.

Can't deny it since it's true, knowing that everyone has waited for this since past few months, looking at every update, preparing, saving time and effort in order to gain at its possible time, be it movies, gadgets, dance steps, anything that is trendy like any other year this person and others concerned has sought through.
And inconveniently speaking, most are for the sake of impression, in a way those who brought acoustic guitars eventually gave up the following year and lately brought ukeleles for the sake of trend than for the love of music. Come to think of this, ukeleles and acoustic guitars are all the same string instruments, and this person believe that there are those afforded to play, make music, express as they enjoy using those string instruments, but how about the others driven by the trend, especially after last year's buying of varsity jackets, are they really serious or like any other year of throwing it away for another? 

Sorry for being inconvenient especially those who afforded to say words such as "choice", that has becoming a code word for unbridled spending for a mere material benefit especially after being enticed to buy in order to get in. Same styles for clothing and apparel coming from different well-known brands, all for profit from those entities trying to "maintain prestige"; and in movies, seeing same genres coming from different priducers especially those trying to win a pseudo-national prize. That oftentimes marred by scandals, if not criticisms coming from the concerned. 

To sum it all, the plastic world has won according to the late Letov. 2015 is like any other year full of something new, but whatever everyone says, still these same everyone still sees and feels same old problems. The problem is this: people chose not to understand these, worse, trying to be intentionally ignorant as they escape from these inconvenient realities, be it poverty, corruption, injustice, people care less about these least they enjoy these new sorts of things in this plastic world Letov has been saidth in his song. This plastic world called modernity continues to rule over everyone's lives and mindsets. Substituting reality for an illusion, of having state of the art this and that, a thriving populace whose mantra is work, buy, consume throughout the year. And in this 2015, it will always be like any other year, same old plastic changes, new trends and words to vent with, while at the same time, new scandals meant to be forgotten, new protests likely to be assailed in the name of illusory peace, new bullshit to be expressed. 
And these bullshit, protest, is coming from those people who had really demand a breakthrough out of their still struggling yet genuine hopes in this present day plastic world: all for a real social change, for a genuine application of social justice, for a realisation of an aspiration, far from what the system and its outlets has vented throughout the year. 

They want something new in this year, yet more than what is being depicted, they want a year where both material and spiritual wealth united all to create a healthy living whole. For a better individual, for a better community. And if possible, they will do by any means to the point of having their lives be sacrificed.

That's all, and С ноьвим годом. A Struggling yet Enjoying new year to all.