Sunday, 20 December 2015

When "Star Wars" Fan Art is done "Religiously"

When "Star Wars" Fan Art is done "Religiously"

At first, this person would say that these fan art has gone "religious" with artists making religious icons out of Star Wars characters. 

Made by artists like Alex Ramos or Chawakarn Khongprasert, these "Byzantine" or "Mediaeval"-like icons are a playful parody of what fans adored with, or as what Ramos described as "worship" with all the pseudo-religious titles include such as "Patron Saint of influencing the weak-minded" for Ben Kenobi.

Here are the works done by Alex Ramos, coming from his website

On the other hand, the work of Chawakarn Khongprasert seemed to be influenced by Mediaeval iconography, like Ramos, quite a fitting tribute to the movie.

Anyways, these artworks reflect how a fan seriously loved watching the movie or perhaps almost worshipped the characters particularly "the good guys" like Ben Kenobi or Luke Skywalker. Besides thatm the art itself shows a revisit, although some would cry heresy over these artworks given its "sacredness" as any other sacred artwork done in the past or made by those whose idea of these artworks are limited to religious figures.