Tuesday, 5 January 2016

"Of nothing more beautiful amidst misimpressions"

"Of nothing more beautiful amidst misimpressions"

"You are truly beautiful in my eyes
But what pleases I is how you temper your beauty with your wit
And how your charm is less and more of outmost kindness.

However, in this judgemental world
It seems that all is but unfair
Trying to stunt that is growing
Trying to stop that is blossoming

People, including my kind, thinks about standards
Of looking loopholes on one's persona, enough to be disregard
True there maybe first time mistakes but for sure it is not meant to be repeated
And instead trying to cultivate the goodness enough to dispel misimpressions 
making another misguided

For I know from the day we met
All is but at ease except the gladness that cannot forget
From the sketcbhook to notebooks
Full of poetries to you I ought to look

For in my heart I know you are right
In my heart you are love enough to personified
If I had done wrong I ought to apologise
For your beauty is more than others see, you personify a one's lasting happiness

I am sorry to say this,
But since you are a friend, a buddy, a rose among the thorns,
I love you."