Saturday, 2 January 2016

What's wrong in using a different plate?

What's wrong in using a different plate?

What's wrong in using a different plate?

From a man coming from a known clan
He thinks that all is but formal
In a way he insists the right plate
No matter the dinner is informal.

Likely to call him traditional
A patriarch, a man of morals
Sorry if that is delusional
Since his upbringing made he partial:

Of Idealising the perfect pasts
Of men and women taking higher degrees in big four universities
If not taking well-known licensed courses for high-paying jobs
And pitting down those finished undergraduate degrees
As if they aren't gaining success

And I, with a friend keeping ourselves silent
Nodding, if not thinking of leaving after finished eating
Of a well cooked, mouthwatering dinner
Just to evade that old guy bragging:

Of insisting he as right given moral ascendancies
Or continuing an age old tradition in front of friends and me
After all you're province bred and we grew in the city
If not insisting the tradition of a career-oriented, scholarly family
And idealising a past as if future be similar to what he sees

In the end, he did a mistake. 
It's not all about the choice of one's plate, 
but the way he treat things as if the world pleases his.