Sunday, 14 February 2016

"Reaffirming Love, Reaffirming the Struggle"

"Reaffirming Love, 
Reaffirming the Struggle"

At first, this set of works was made days before Valentines day. As everyone had affirmed their love towards their partners, this person rather compiled his works, mostly a reaffirmation of both love and struggle given that he was inspired by a beautiful friend, if not the realities be enough compelling to translate into poems.

Why is it compiled and posted on that special day? True that everyone has put their so-called "good vibes" into their partners, trying to create an impression that their love lasts "forever" as media outlets trying to show. But as for this person's impression would say that love, like hope, and faith, will always be part of struggle, especially those who really yearn to break free from repression and to create something in which love is more than what commonly seen and hope as what commonly thinking of. 

And since this person is inspired from a friend, her wit-tempered beauty is somehow creates an impression that her love is selfless to those who truly appreciate not just her beauty but also acknowledging her yearning such as freedom and justice the way she practised her craft if not showing concern to those who are in need. She may be as beautiful as any other model, but since this person has been friends with her, he sought more than beauty alone: be it the love for knowledge and to be a person for others, that somehow far from any person packaged enough by the system as "ideal" or any other similar word.

Anyways, to cut the story short, these are made for her and to those who reaffirm both of love and struggle, or perhaps, affirming love in this world meant to be renewed. Here it goes:

"My love, my refuge"

My love, who used to from afar
I greatly miss you as I am inspire
Through you, you gave me hope and strength
As I face my foes creeping from the dark
I want to shout your name to the skies and to the stars
Whose glow will lead to you and to your lonesome heart
For I greatly missed your warm embrace and your loving kiss
Enough to bring me ease and bliss

My love, whose concern is undaunt
Unwavering beauty tempered with thy strength
Like roses whose petals and thorns
whose colour red is the colour of blood when bled
Through caverns, trenches, to the hills and in the dusty ways
Carrying your memories for it will never lead me astray
Make me inspire through you whose love enough to surely miss
Enough to bring me ease and bliss

My love, enough to be refuge
In endless battles companion worth true
Amongst thy colleages and friends called
I know you're willing for reply is sure
Somewhere in the depths of the night and someone intent lies
Together we will put an end this treacherous blight
Make me inspire through your love just like this song I sing
And a promise of hope worthy bring

Woe upon them We'll fight,
woe upon them to end their break;
Woe upon them who seeks our lives to take.

"The flower of the resistance"

You have never bowed to someone for they are worth nothing
For your heart and soul is for someone worth love and caring
As the sword you have sharpened greater till it worth killing
And at night comes the call for the uprising

You're the faith, hope, love, when these words are applying
And the sword hails your struggle in every fighting
Every single soul in your land are now awaking
It will never settle less than glory-everlasting

Your beauty and charm inspired us for total uprising
And your voice has heard the people, and now awaking
Every single soul from the grave lies the flowers blooming
A single spark comes million flames eternal burning

"Inspire to love and subvert"

The sound of passion recalls you
As I hear your loving voice
As I see your admiring beauty
Tempered with your wit and heart

I find it amazing to see
Even though it is too late
Maybe because even we've been friends before
It seems that on those few days we met it made me end up in ecstasy.

Strange knowing that those times
For it seems like the once silent seas revived its waves
A once barren mind has been filled up with passions
Enough to translate into various poetries and proses

True that I am not like any other person
Still bred in the past within this so-called present
Stucked up with sketchnotes and books
four cornered rooms yet heart's brewing subversion

And in it perhaps lies loneliness 
If not being taunted, bringing pain if not madness
Enough to justify being imprisoned
In invisible prison cells if not in really four-cornered rooms

Yet through you seems that I feel the love that's almost lost through years
For you Inspire me more the way you leave memories in a series of stories and poems
That maybe it adds fire to the readers, some if not few
Whose heart is both for love, hope and liberation

Am I wrong? I hope it's not
Knowing that I truly feel through you that damn word called love
Or maybe because I am selfless
Enough to bring joys in every lonesome heart.

"A poem for a friend"

As I see the stars glowing from the east
Trying to give hope in the dark hours of the night
And one of which is really glowing for long
The way your love makes a friendship strong 

Begotten by the struggle like the day we first met
Enough to say you are more than beautiful as what the pictures been set
Your friendliness is more than what others called charm
Your wit, your courage the enemies may felt your harm

These past months created new chapters in our lives as we're trying to care
Coming from the crafts we truly love to share
We even learn from the pasts so as not to fail
Overcome shortcomings that are trying to derail 

But above all, love is more than the usual
We love everyone the way we reaffirm the struggle
Let our love and hope be the ideal
Enough to overcome threats the way stars retain its sparkle