Tuesday, 2 February 2016

"To Egor"

"To Egor"

"Egor Letov" by Leo Chelny

Its been years passed since you left
Leaving most of your works and memories
Of songs that made people be in the streets
That according to your plan your songs be enough
To provoke people against the order like a rolling stone.

Armed with a guitar and along with a band of misfits
Your songs provoked one after another to storm the streets
If not the halls listening to "Your Defence"
To those of "Stopping the Rolling Stones"
And sailing the "Caravel" for the "Solstice".

I may understood abit of your words, for I am not a speaker of Russian
But with the tone of your melody to the expression of your message
Enough to say "Compelling" as I hear your music
Playing till pleases my ears
And be inspired to create words whilst
Borrowing your subversive tones

Subversive as it invoked protests, of lighting fire against the system for its hell-like mess
Intextinguishable flames both of hope and fear
For your songs bring crowds to the streets
And reawakening the old whose yearning for its pasts
Like the Red Flag flying in Aurora's mast

Of seeing failures as those on high can't "show political will to deal the problem despite promises with words like 'Kill'
Damn those fucking assholes babbling their promises
Whose intention is to peddle illusions if not to shut people up with their delusions.

As you left few years ago few care to remember your song,
Your Journey,
Your Contribution to struggle "for liberty"
Despite different tounges I'm still trying to understand the message 
Whose call is more than an expression
But a call to arms.

A requiem for Egor Letov 9 years after his death