Friday, 25 March 2016



Christ, like the Paschal Lamb, was sacrificed so as to redeem mankind from its sins. 
Christ, being a rebel, was punished by a repressive order for defying the laws in pursuit of laws emphasising justice. 

His struggle for reclaiming faith for God may have reinterpreted in various means, but his actions been "political" given that he was been accused of subverting the established laws what more of being against Herod, or even the Caesar for being the man known as "King of the Jews" who had healed the sick, taught the children values, fed the multitudes, and preached the message of salvation.

Yes, truly he is the king who sacrificed to redeem humanity, a man whose desire for justice and freedom costs his life, as he died on the cross after a day of suffering, being taunted, being flogged, and carried a cross on the way to Calvary. 

That's all for now.