Wednesday, 27 April 2016

"As time runs out until that day and still seeing the intentionally unaware"

"As time runs out until that day 
And still seeing the intentionally unaware"

All after May 9, or perhaps during that day people lining for their votes, there are people who rather revert to their usual selves prior to having their "acta diurnas" being disrupted by campaign ads, debates, and various promises that sneer people through their eyes and ears and even hands with cash and canned goods.

And how come they are disrupted? These people perhaps commonly glued to their interests, such as girls in their typical girl world, executives in their business matters, showbiz enthusiasts with their favourite gossips, men talking about girls in bikinis "featuring boobs and ass", and others with all their mundane fantasies enough to escape themselves from realities. And as news reports from TV, Radio, and Social Media focused much attention on candidates, their platforms, controversies, and all that schizz, it seems that these people are enticed, obliged, or perhaps really disrupted to the extent of filtering such reports and focus on their fantasies.

Sorry to say so, but on the other hand, given that there are existing controversies involving such personages urging people to vote for them, isn't it that making everyone knocking their hearts out to "go and cast their ballots", and although others be like treating the campaign till election proper as any other day, that for sure some would able to buy beer few days before the election enough to stockpile their refrigerators on the day itself, of those focusing much on showbiz gossip, playing their respective games, anything enough to escape from matters political in nature. 

Or perhaps they are enjoyed in having markets deciding their lives on that same election day with all the discounts and packages to offer, rather than the sugarcoated promises of most politicos. In a way people rather talk about 3 day sales from malls owned by Henry Sy or Don Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala while scoffing off Jejomar Binay's pseudo-welfarism (featuring free cakes for the old) and Roxas's pretensions of being "with the people" (with all his stints such as carrying a sack of onions).
True isn't it? This person as well as others concerned may've seen typical things that happened to be alongside political issues that made some people getting aware on what's going on in their community, what more of having a renewed desire for social change regardless of their upbringings be it from the "Burgis" who happened to watch the news or from the "Masa" who reads tabloids before reading Jeff Abubot's erotic comics.
And yet there are those who intentionally chose not to be aware what's beyond their comforts, or treating elections as all but games to play with, with words such as "least they do their part" for an alibi.

Anyways, as time is running out, and people are listening to campaign jingles, seeing campaign ads, and watching news involving politicos with all their platforms and controversies, of debates, anything about elections or even politics and society in general, this person is ought to say that as there are people who chose to escape, there are those who chose to stay thinking that the nation, the community, needs people who has a god given instinct to get involve in seriously socio-political and cultural issues, that they chose the hard life at the expense of their enjoys all after seeing such inconvenient realities such as a society that is "semifeudal, semicolonial, dependent on interests, oligarch-led".

As for those who chose to abstain, there are those who forgot to register, that there are those who abstain out of irreconcilable principles especially in choosing standard bearers running for the post being the head of state and government, and there are those who intentionally not to think of voting as if it has nothing to do with them, nothing at all, irrelevant in their overtly commercialised lives dictated thoroughly by the markets.

That's all.