Saturday, 2 April 2016

For a radiant future and other poems

"For a radiant future" and other poems

A Radiant future

It seems that the world has gone stopped
As everything around as if all but same
Same tunes yet different labels
Sold by stores here and there
It seems that despite all such progressions
The concerned sees its retardations
In a way people watch and enjoy trash
Profited by big entities like oligarchs and corporations

It seems that the world has gone stopped
And everything around likely to be degenerated
As the smoke from the once proud chimneys
Gone as these all fell silent
And the cogwheels that were once shiny with grease and oil
Hath gone gathering dust if not almost rusted
Turning the once tangible into memories
Whose fate is deemed to be forgotten

The glorious days of what we call past
Has been left in textbooks made by the so called present
But contrary to those profound aspirations
The reality is quite radically different 
For sure the future we want to see 
Is very far from what we idealise and expected
In a way instead of a proud hardworking populace
Isa a pleasure seeking mob degenerated

Sickening true indeed for the concerned hath seen
Translated into various quotes and realtalks people ought to hear
But for sure some ought to accept as most shun and escape
Trying to seek a future so fictional with years enough to make
The reality has made the world a continuing past
Especially having a generation whose escapism tries to make illusions tangible and long last
But behind the goodness of modern day life
Is a rottenness of a reality with all affected in its plight

True that we seek for a radiant future
Coming from the stories we love to read
Be it from fact or fiction
Trying to bridge it as we lead
Trying to create a tomorrow of wonders
If not creating a world whose love is just
Trying to break the chains
Be it repression or of lust

True that we seek for a radiant future
For the fact that reality's a continuing past
Trying to realise old aspirations
From a concerned present whose ideals ever last
As they revolt against the rotten world
No matter how it guised with steel
In the end trying break the door till open
And to redeem those who are forsaken

I seek for your help, my joy and delight
As we want to set the world on fire 
To show that their rottenness be end in our sight

As I feel your love 

It seems that your love keeps me warm
And perhaps feel no harm
In the middle of the cold night
Thank god there are no bugs who bite
As I made this long poem
While listening to Erasure in the frog grassed garden and alone
Amidst the whirring fan and starless skies
Seeking you through the pen to bring hope to this lonely I
If not a relief to a barren mind
Or rather say, unwind

The sound from the player perhaps lies the tunes of one's love
That as if sent from the spirits all from that nightly heavens above
Giving warmth to a cold heart of a suffering one
And perhaps easing the tremors, pains left undone
Same as the waxing moon that shown in an almost starless skies
Quite inspiring to a lonesome person such as I 
However, there is no music coming from I to reply
But instead through a paper, ink, quill to write with words to fly by
If not a pencil through a well-made sketchpad
Drawing figures of you, alongside the factories hope you understand

In fact, I don't know why am I inspired
Especially that I afforded to create such works some ought to admire
Be it from the past or from its continuing
It expresses thy love that through a revolution that hath been brewing
And thus I ask who brought me to inspire
What more that I feel a love a man ought to aspire:
is it from the dark sky with the glowing moon, the star,
Or the picture of the maiden who comes from afar?
My expression then is: Wow! Strange for as if like the sea waves gone stronger
Greater than the past of silence almost gone further