Saturday, 30 April 2016

Forge, Till, Strike!

Forge, Till, Strike!

A Labour Day message

At first, this person is ought to say that laborers makes a nation great, knowing that these people who till, forge, work for long hours has created breakthroughs not just in national development, but in history.

For in this labour day, everyone has to pay tribute to the working people to whom the country owes so much. On that day, people should join hand in hand in asserting their right such as a decent living wage, a good living standard, of keeping their rights, and the will to create a just society.

To think that the soul and sinew of labour has to be a force for progress and productivity, why it has to be neglected and be exploited? Remember, unemployment remained increasing as it stood at 5.8 percent in January of 2016, down from 6.6 percent a year earlier but slightly up from 5.7 percent reported in October 2015. That everyone working is threatened by policies involving contractualisation, threatening their security of tenure especially those who worked for years and be deemed as regular. Or hearing news about pressing workers’ wages further down to "pitiful levels" especially those in Metro Manila, that hath increased by only P17.06.
Isn't it that unjust for a system that supposed to take care of its workers? What more of hearing issues about worker-related abuses, of killing those who organise and fight for their rights?

These realities reminds of what Lenin said before:

"...They cut wages, not everybody’s at once, but one at a time. They put foremen over us, they introduce piece work; and, laughing up their sleeves at how we workers toil at our work, lower our wages little by little. But it’s a long lane that has no turning. There is a limit to endurance..."

Anyways, having the fact that the system fails to support the laborers, what more of exploiting them, those who really labour in town and in the countryside, of those who till and those who forge, must prepare with redoubled energy for the decisive battle that is at hand. For sure they are tired of those who are allegedly shouting and moaning, calling for "reforms" and making fools of themselves by thinking that their so-called "reforms" are possible yet obviously trying to keep firm their interests and privileges while providing crumbs to those who really demand not just a chunk but the entire cake that failed to be given.
And such inconvenient realities that tries to be negated by paper "reforms" and facades deemed as "development" rather aggravates the tension between the masses and the elite whose interests stubbornly trying to keep against those who demand out of its yearning for social justice.

Today, the actions done by the labouring people has shown to the whole world that the makers of history is steadfastly following its revolutionary course, due to its "genuine, militant, and patriotic" traditions that had been cherished, apart from which there is no salvation for still developing and repressed countries, whose conditions that is "suffocating and decaying alive."

Forge, Till, Strike against repression and injustice towards Labour!