Saturday, 7 May 2016

"As the Summer Ends"

"As the Summer Ends"

As one enjoys the sun
And the other the moon
The breeze of the morning beach
And the latter the wind of afternoon
The cocktail of the party
And the midnights of cold coffee
Trying to break the sickening days
If not trying to set ourselves free

Hope be not like the bees that converged into the fluorescent light
Seeing its dead friends in a plastic bag as they've been trapped last night
If not lying on the floor dead or dying
As they've been stricken by the whirring fan
If not stepped by the slippers of an unknown man

Time is running fast as the summer leads to its end
As the clouds gathered water to shower the thirsty land
The suffering heat of "the child" be eased with the fifth month's rain
Easing the thirst for the world has yearned it from time and again
The sun may have still shining and the people romanticise the beach
If not the beauty of nature gone commercialised treated by the system as a bitch
Inconveniently true to hear, unbearable to bear
The heat should pave way for the rain we want dark clouds to stare!

The whirring of the ceiling fan breaks the silence,
And the ambience of night with the moonlight shining over
The sweetness of coffee chilled to enjoy
And the inspiring person through her picture to adore
Enough to ease the sadness and inspire to enlight
The sketchbook been opened
And with the pencil one would draw
Trying to find solace from a world called suffer
Until I end tired
Gone to bed
And sleep in comfort.