Monday, 16 May 2016

"Few Poems made for May"

"Few Poems made for May"

"To someone far away"

You are far away, and the lines been cut
Looking at your portrait thinking love end not
And believing that through years, our trust cannot lost
Especially with your love that strikes most

In silent nights feeling sadness
Sweaty yet blown by midday breezes
Complimented by the bees buzzing around the lights
And thinking about your love all through days, nights

We are indeed distant, all from north to south
But despite these like last time we afford to meet out
Quite reminiscing those times, beauty and love over sadness
Hopes through our smiles complimented by beer and laughter over darkness

After all, the one who loves carries the feeling
Sparks connecting through the lines destiny's rising
And as I prepare to sleep lies dreams hopes becoming
Such as "Love" on us together, as what our fate's gone saying.

"Quill-Rose theme"

Inspired from the song "Elsässisches Fahnenlied"

Through a smile, a greeting to a beloved
Pretty maiden, a kiss and an embrace
Like a springtime, joyful and as it cherished
Memories, quite likely not to missed

Quill and Rose
Entwined and enduring
Black and Red
Love and Faith quite wholehearted
Quill and rose
Our love is worth eternal
Until death,
Wholeheartedly true to it!

Quite heartfelt, like all the past memories
And today I feel those times again
We shal't keep that so-called love forever
Hope be true, through a cherished faith

And if times, the storms and tides be coming
Our trust to each other hath to keep
Till the sun and our peace be risen
And it's nights a silence whose romance felt

Through this work, hope its worth fulfilling
Like the past works that I craft'ly made
Thanks to you, true that your love's my longing
A saga that has to be dutifully done

My beloved,
you are all worth cherished
Till the end,
and thus cannot regret
You're a rose
whose beauty unperished
I, till death,
wholeheartedly true to it!

"Memories of Lothringen"

Tired after a day's work, exhausted despite overflowing imagination
As I faced the typewriter trying to solve my situation
I have more things to finish, I have to avert possible anger
I have to earn enough to resolve my pocket's hunger

Typing few words and seeing crumpled papers
And reading various books trying to end disaster
Perhaps despite overflowing thoughts I need to arrange till it is in order
I need someone to guide me over and perhaps it recalls you whose love seemed tender

And I ask myself:
When was the time you leave me with smiles
Was it the time I visit yours or you visit mine?
Was it in a coffee-scented cafe, or in a beer-and-smoke-filled bar?
Well, can't resist being inspired by yours through this work
Memories of yours, a shining red star to guide me up north.

And as I continue typing, midnight till early day
Trying to finish works for a tomorrow's pay
Reading terms like "Alienation" and seeing yours and your "fashion",
But I know we together we desired for a "Revolution".

And as I filled all the papers, and be placed in my bag
Cleaning the table from past's dusts with a trusty watered rag
And going to my bed, silently prayed as I closed my eyes
And say "I hope our love be blossomed in a freedom filled sunrise".

"A Ballad for Karen"

Karen, Karen, enjoying the sun
And looking around the seashore having fun
Whose smile appeases the other giving hope as it lies
If not sensing one's wonder coming through her eyes

Karen, Karen, reminds of heaven
Valhalla would it be? Valkyrie's there risen
Sound's myth to me or a fairy tale to see
But with her there's in touch with reality

Karen, Karen, she left her joys near the border
She went to the a different path, less traveled than the other
And met someone whose beret he wore is of red
And gave a regard, and the latter gave soda and bread

Karen, Karen, then throwing an oil bomb
The system once assuming "witty" end relly quite dumb
For her beauty been tempered by events full of valour
And the protests paved way to days full of honour

Karen, Karen, pretty maiden,
Faithful friend to a comrade, unforgotten
Share your love and hope, fill the barren
Put hell to the rotten such as the system.

"All after the new chief's speech"

From gloomy forests to urban pathways
People waiting for the end not just Friday's
Feeling hopes as if Easter Sunday's
As they prepared the final protest like May Day's

They heard the news that the chief end his term
Replaced by a beloved whose words be foul or stern
For they are tired of the infantile nonsense that made everyone overturn
They prayed both heaven or hell he and his clique be burn

The countryside enjoys the breeze so is the city
Winds of change that moves forward for sure it is pretty
Be it from the barber, the tabloid, or the TV
Hearing his voice be it hopeful and to the few may sound it shitty

And perhaps the people rejoiced after hearing him preach
With the few looking the the predecessor can't withstand him, and shout with good pitch:
"Noynoy Aquino son of a bitch"
What a good term on him, for sure after hearing his "final speech"