Saturday, 11 June 2016

"All after using the brush"

"All after using the brush"

(notes after yours truly's artwork) 

"The Red Star and the Black Sun united"

"Nicht durch Reden werden große Fragen entschieden, sondern durch Eisen und Blut"

("Great questions will not be resolved by talk, but by iron and blood")

- Otto Von Bismarck

At first, this writer is to say that these works seemed to be surreal, mysterious, strange. But at the same time, it expresses what the people insists, to reach the heights by going deeper into the abyss especially those who truly desire for a utopian-like change in a still inconvenient society.

"Black Sun,
Red Star,
And the Oak Tree"
"The Courage of the Abyss"
"Morning Star Mills"
(as interpreted by the painter as "The Promised Future")

Bearing some symbols of occult significance, if not those of urban landscape, especially those of edifices of then-utopian dreams and aspirations, those artworks are not just expressions of hope but also an appeal coming from those who have bitterness and hate in their hearts and minds, pointing against an order who, despite all its pretensions, statements, and intentions, it failed to appease the hearts of those who truly "yearn for a better outcome, such as those of a realised tomorrow."

Otherwise, it can be interpreted as a "reaction" from what he sees as just "for arts sake" as in the commodified and commercialised art and culture of the present despite he be influenced from today's artworks he sought: be it the surroundings that involves factories and of the almost lost industrial scene, the agitation-propaganda posters that invokes class struggle, to those of the old artifacts and its folkish impression that mimics the supernatural and the metaphysical. 

It may deem strange but the painter's interpretation smacks of what comes from the books he have read if not the observations he have sought through the years such as factories with its smoke-relasing chimney to those of  antiquated figures in case of an Aztec God and an Ifugao Rice God, as well as the Schwarze Sonne and the Red Star, whose features seemed to be deviant in mainstream eyes and minds. 

And the Black Sun"
 photo SAM_4782_zpsnhfjuv1i.jpg
Nighttime over a Busy City
 photo SAM_4781_zpsjh97npy2.jpg
Nighttime over an Oil Depot
However, he also painted what others find it pleasing, in case of cranes enjoying in the middle of a winter-filled night. It was made for his mother, however, the latter prefers a "daytime" setting, and she prefers swallows and sparrows than Japanese Cranes.  

 photo SAM_4784_zpsdhqkhk8n.jpg

Anyway, this person just introduced his interest in painting and had he painted what comes from his bizarre, deviant mind. That's all.