Friday, 1 July 2016

Is it really the end?

Is it really the end?

(Ramblings after people seeing Noynoy Aquino left Malacanang
And having some flashbacks of his administration full of pretensions
...and again, welcoming Duterte and his administration full of hopes)

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by George Grosz

At first, people would say that it is a time of a renewed and energetic leadership as Rodrigo Duterte hath taken over the presidential throne.

That after six years of incompetence and pretentious leadership under Noynoy Aquino and his corrupted clique, that the newly anointed leader, guide, and first amongst equals is willing enough to bring back all to his people, to his countrymen all its almost lost glories, to fulfill promises of what is needed be it food, shelter, peace, and even empowerment in which the few intentionally failed to be given to the people.

It may sound messianic though in this post that Duterte is more than just elected but anointed by the people as the one who has to spearhead change. As what his supporters afforded to say that "Change is Coming", and politicos started to switch sides for the sake of continuity of their interests while others stubbornly chose to oppose in case of those choosing to remain as supporters of the past administration out of faux-"principles."
How come their principles be deemed faux? Some of them even once assuming to be political butterflies so to speak (like Drilon or Belmonte) but "this time" they prefer being "loyal" thinking that their fellow partymate, Leni Robredo, hath won the vice-presidential seat; or even trying to assert the relevance of their political party as an "opposition" amidst being soiled over by controversies coming from them or any of their allies in a so-called coalition of theirs.
And for sure they would even tell that even the former opposition has its own bad eggs who chose not to be guided by principles as they've treated public service as a profitable venture, that some pretend to be for the people yet obviously cared about their interests.

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Since it is proven that the past administration has likely to be equated with controversies amidst all the progress afforded to brag over, it is likely to say that despite all the so-called progress, stability, and development that has been babbled by state propaganda machinery and its apologetics, poverty and injustice remain still, that even affects those who worked and earn hard yet facing the problem of having its earnings having less purchasing power due to increasing prices of services and goods. It makes everyone as if feeling the noose around their necks as the privileged few who controls the system afforded to say "but you didn't die yet right?"
Anyways, whatever people insist the system's incompetence and mismanagement, Aquino and his clique may still deny it and insist their so-called contributions, but, how come most people chose to oppose him and his clique for his bullshitty statements and policies?

Anyways, a day ago, protesters marched and chanted slogans near Times Street in Quezon City demanding the need to prosecute Aquino for his implications such as those of Pork Barrel scams. While families of 44 slain policemen demanded further justice against the one who tries to shrug at the Mamasapano issue. And farmers from Hacienda Luisita time and again asserted their demands for Land and Justice (that this time likely to be proceeded with the assumption of Rafael Mariano as Agrarian Reform Secretary). Such events surrounding Aquino in his post-presidency days may ought to say that the people chose not to "move on" and instead assert what is needed such as demanding justice against his incompetence, his arrogance, his nonsense.

Again, welcoming Duterte
While keeping vigilant on the system's moves
lurking behind him

Contrary to Aquino's intentional incompetence that created series of protests, most people would say that the newly elected president may truly create major changes given his credentials such as being the former Mayor of Davao City.

Using justice as one of his main themes one would say that the fullest implementation of justice, especially on behalf and on the side of the poor may truly pave way for various forms of change that affects society. That also perhaps be joyrided by those who once opposed Duterte and some of his policies or if not rabidly supporting Aquino and his soiled "righteous path" that was full of empty rhetorics and half baked bullshit.
The system, still trying to keep its interests firm, may still trying to adjust to Duterte's moves in pursuit of turning it into their favourable conclusions, especially that some of them insist neoliberalism to those of commercialisation of education and health care, a thought that people may ought to oppose about.

But as long as Rodrigo Duterte truly represents the interests of the common folk than those of the privileged few within the system, then that promise of having a true social patriotic rebirth and development be realised. It may take long strokes of political will with the support of his constituents to make it real, of putting transparency in one's s service, of building various forms of infrastructure, of trying with all its best to keep national reputation against slanderers the way it has to be improved with its full swing of justice under the law.

And although it is true that he may have worked within the system as any other concerned individual elected into office, that as long as he chose to side with the common folk, particularly those who toiled with all their blood, sweat, mind, sinew, and tears, and being promised to be given a proper sense of justice for their works, it is true enough, hopefully to say and show how really benevolent that despot is than his predecessors.

After all, of what is that damned word called change if it is not for these people desperately wanting to end such repressions and disenfranchisements as the past administrations did all in the name of interest? Of what is development, democracy if it is not for the common folk, the poor?

There are no more words to say except that one should be vigilant in having his message of hope be realised.