Sunday, 28 August 2016

"Rekindling their memories"

"Rekindling their memories"

Notes for National Heroes Day

From that mixed media one would see how "A willing Patriot
Pays filial piety to Jose Rizal"
(from a pic made intentionally for the post)

At first, this person is ought to say that in an era of treating holidays as just vacations, there are those who celebrate National Heroes Day with respect to one's cherished heroes, and to rekindle its almost long lost memories and aspirations.

It may sound strange that there are those who chose to rekindle almost forgotten memories, hopes, and aspirations, but also the desire of these heroes who have weaved a nation's history and legacy, be it living or dead, has been embedded on those who truly concerned about one's homeland, be it those who contribute for its betterment or those who defend against the tremors of time.

But to most people, especially those who chose to move on as if nothing happened or trying to see things as irrelevant, it intentionally does not care about heroism, history, or the desire to uplift and defend save those of their interests; but for the truly concerned, such rekindling makes itself less of a right and more of a duty the way the ones from the past has made and passed over for generations. Sorry for the words but quite true for in an era where shallowness is been dominated over profundity, of contentment on ones' mediocrity than ceaseless pursuit of excellence, what everybody sees is less heroism despite personages or anything that is full of pride to brag with (yet failed to face inconvenient truths in one's homeland).

Admittingly speaking, people may have desired to meet them, be it alive and well or now being played by a cosplayer for a selfie, but if one may ask, since people afford to have living or even dead heroes for a barkada, does people do seriously stress the word respect for them, particularly its aspirations and hopes over a goddamn suffering nation?

Perhaps it is for the people to ask.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

"Of poems posted in August"

"Of poems posted in August"

At first, this person is ought to say that poetry has been part of his life for so long. And besides this month, there are some poems that had been made months ago but due to some obligations, particularly those of paperworks and some problems ought to encounter, he had not posted in this page right away until of this month, that as if conscience tells him to do so.

As for the poems, it seems that he is trying to break away from the usual form as he seemingly enjoying some non-lyrical ones, if not merging lyrical and those of non-lyrical in a sort of a creative experiment in making literary works like poetry.

And besides that, he seemed quite inspired these past months that made he compelled to do so.

"If there weren't you, Karina"
(inspired from Dino Merlin's song: "da te nije Alija")

There where the moon is, so is the stars
Glowing as I see, even it's apart
Thinking of my love, before I could rest
Amidst thy darkness I have to cling my heart

As I turn around and have seen your presence
Nightmares been broken through your loving voice
I close my eyes, I stretch out my hands,
I let my dreams sail away.

And you held my hand and carried me away
Floating over the nights, sailing hearts away

It wouldn't shine so vividly,
this beautiful maiden, cherished of mine,
I would call darkness as light,
if there weren't you, Karina

I felt all the fears, and been driven to tears
I feared all the world, for they've made me alone
I thought there would be none over me to listen
But there is, for you are, you've listened to me

And you held my hand and carried me away
Floating over the nights, sailing hearts away

It wouldn't shine so vividly,
this beautiful maiden, cherished of mine,
I would call darkness as light,
if there weren't you, Karina

Ne bi sjala ovako jako
Ova moja lijepa avlija
Ja bi svjetlo zvao mrakom
Da te nije Karina

"To Pam"
(Or all after seeing a picture and read its caption)

Some said that your beauty seemed intoxicating
But what I feel is that you are refreshing
The way it beats a feeling
Of hope over suffering

They compared you to booze but you're of a tea
For you aren't make one lose but makes one free
The charm of winter comes hope maybe
That makes one yearn for your love as I see

I feel the chill or even thrill
The mind as if blasts and gave me "feels"
Yes your beauty made me heal
For yours is as refreshing as an orange peel

"Of her warm love over the cold nights"

Despite feeling the cold nights
I still felt the warmth of your love
For I am inspired for all those times
To you, Karen my love

It may not been summer
Like the poem I had made months ago
But seems that the question that brought up sparks
Has suddenly made me felt your charm
That your friendliness, wit and kindness
A chivalrous dame amidst the era of harm

And if I recall those times,
Being with you comes happiness
A flame in my heart if not an ease in my mind
The way stories that I read so is the poems been made
Memories that perhaps never fade

And through your charming eyes
Like the dear lights of Manila
Burns in my heart tonight
And that till death hope our love blossoms
The way I have penned this lowly poem
Hope freedom will come no matter I am gone
For with your love I'll be everywhere

It may sound strange but as my heart compels
As if life is battlefield where one may survive or fell
Your love be like the warm breeze of old Manila
Or the cold mist of Sagada
Or even the starry nighttime over Barrio Ayala

You will know how to find me
For every one else I am but unknown
But when you hear this lowly work I have done
It comes from my heart, inspired by yours that can't be apart

And through your charming eyes
Like the fiery Maotai or soothing Ginebra
Burns in my heart tonight
And that till death hope our love blossoms
The way I have penned this lowly poem
Hope freedom will come no matter I am gone
For with your love I'll be everywhere

Despite feeling the cold nights
I still felt the warmth of your love
For I am inspired for all those times
To you, Karen my love

"As the 'ber' months draws near"

The cool breeze brings hope
As I recall those joyful times
If not trying to face nightmares
That creeps my struggling mind
Its wisp brought me a message
And as if it came from an old book's page
And it says:
Rise up from your slumber
You have a battle to wage.

Quite strange to hear those words
Maybe I've been preoccupied by everything Norse
If not listening to Power metal
And a series of battlefield noise
I have sketched a valkyrie earlier
And a day ago a poem
I have to make things done
As imagination flows till none

Soon the sound of yuletide has been commenced
Though the songs full of carols and cheers
If not the bells been rung earlier
For thar September makes time almost near
And I, who made this poem
Maybe inspired from a maiden known
Perhaps in my dreams she lifted my hand
As we float and wander in a place that's unknown.

Perhaps the cool breeze is her whisper
Warming my heart that is, alone.
But again I have to respond to her answer
For there is a battle that has to be done.

"After a day in Jail"

"After a day in Jail"

by: Joseph de Luna Saguid

At first, this person is ought to say that after a day in bars, A beaming Angelo Suarez has left the police station at Kamuning with his son. With a smile in his face, is again enjoying his day outside with his supporters who not just cheered for his release, but also sang him "happy birthday" for coincidentally, his release is also the day day of his birth.

Quite nice isn't it? That despite the comments coming from his critics, and the cases filed against him. or even his release as deemed "temporary", the poet who once had his poems featured in the train didn't yield to their wishes. Behind bars he continues to smile as he asserts his innocence, and now outside and with the company of his family and friends one would say that criticisms failed to put him down, ranging from his lack of respect to a dilapidated train to those of his facial appearance reminding of a terrorist simply because he's bearded.

And as he stepped out of detention. he expressed  not just thanks, but he reaffirmed his sentiment as he called on the public to demand and fight for improving and nationalizing mass transport "as a vital ingredient to attaining progress". He also said that it is also time to take back the trains from the Compradores and Bureaucrats who think of nothing but profit whilst giving commuters the most awful and expensive services.

by: Joseph de Luna Saguid
In fact, in a statement from Mr. Suarez himself, he further expressed his angst against the administrators of the Metro Rail Transit knowing that he's been unjustly accused of a crime or simply because he's a commuters rights advocate. Obviously, they find the administrators easy to blame a critic just because of a mere vandal on that goddamn train wall, here it goes:

"I feel bad having been detained for word against me by a fellow worker who relies on public utilities and infrastructure as much as I do, who has been let down by the MRT even worse than I have.

The allegation against me was made by a guard under pressure to find 'vandals' who have been writing, posting, and stickering their grievances on the MRT. According to her fellow guards--many of whom agree with me that the MRT is rotten--the pressure on them to find these people has been incredible, having been on the receiving end of reprimand by management. One even whispered to me that, as a guard, he knew even more than the average passenger cld how rotten the MRT truly was..."

Furhermore, he again assailed authorities for the train's mismanagement as well as suppressing his dissent "in the name of corporate interest.":

Big compradors like MRT Corp. Chairman Robert Sobrepena and bureaucrats like General Manager Roman Buenafe who enable them play this sick game of pitting workers against workers for their profit or pleasure. This shldn't have been my word against the guard's words; this shldn't have been a matter of me combating policemen, tho there is much to be said about the police being an institution for the protection of private property despite its impact on public interest. I wasn't the only one deprived of sleep and time; so too were these fellow workers--MRT personnel caught between their job and our protest, policemen whose cramped office my friends and I made even more cramped because of my detainment--instrumentalized by corporate interest to suppress dissent from their logic of accumulation thru dispossession..."

His statement reflects that even the employees or even the passengers who chose to remain as silent as possible know the truth, critics who have opposed his moves also recognized the fact how dilapidated the train is yet they "optimistically" thinking that there may be possible improvements if not disregarding it since it is none of their issue to deal with even as commuters themselves.

But despite all the bullshits brought upon against Mr. Suarez, still, it is good to say that the poet hath gained his freedom, although temporarily as there are are charges still pressed against him. Furthermore, his freedom does not mean stopping his commitment being a commuters' rights activist whose clamour is as simple: affordable, improved, and safe means of mass transportation be it Jeeps, Buses, or Trains including that still rotting MRT system passing over EDSA.

Authorities may still continue repress him as well as others asserting commuters' rights, but the concerned, be it those who clamoured his freedom outside Kamuning Police Station to his supporters in social media sites, will be at his side countering their treacherous moves.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016



Or how this critic be end in bars because of an alleged act,
or his advocacy as a commuter

"We condemn in the highest possible terms the illegal arrest and harassment of poet and known commuters' rights activist Angelo Suarez by police officers and guards of the Metro Rail Transit..."

James Relativo

"...even if the dude's right-- Still a wrong thing to vandalize, it's already filthy to begin with..."

Fernando Cariño Castro

It seemed "too minor" if not "to stupid" for a "serious issue" to justify his imprisonment somewhere in Kamuning, Quezon City.

For as this person as well as others observed, the actions taken by a well-known Poet-Activist Angelo Suarez  illegally detained last night in a train station, harassed to go to Station 10 around midnight for trumped-up charges of vandalism, and his temporary release papers as not been signed. For sure one would think that the administrators of the Metro Rail Transport System is as too serious in filing charges against him, not just that existing "Vandalism", maybe "damage to property" all because of his word "MRT Bulok" and other writings on that goddamn train wall.

It may sound strange for the concerned to hear his imprisonment due to that minor matter that can be resolved by paying a fine or some semblance of community service, while others via comments on social media sites described him as "irresponsible" if not "stupid" or "uncontented" because of his actions and be "left rotting in jail" or even be "killed" because of that alleged irresponsible act, but come to think that for almost 2 years, Mr. Suarez, or "Ka Gelo" bo his colleagues has been a staunch critic of fare hikes and poor services in that mass transport system such as the MRT. And seriously speaking, he is one of the petitioners in a case filed together with other concerned citizens in the hope to make the public mass transport system better. So why the contented in being mismanaged for the sake of "least riding in a train for a destination is enough"?

In fact, as most people support or oppose his actions, little did these same people know that one of the trains featured one of his poems. Isn't it that strange for the administrator to imprison that poet whose poems been featured in their trains out of a minor issue such as vandalism? Then sorry to say but whatever the system denies the truth, still, "MRT Bulok" indeed as this person and the concerned as observed.
For sure everyone has sought its accident brought by that train, its mismanagement by its administrators, the decades old trains that needs to be replaced, the corrupt personages that continues to elude the charges pressed against them, and the profiteer who afforded to brag that his transport as "efficient" as fuck, as well as other serious reasons why Mr. Suarez did it for these goddamn realities made he convinced to do so if others can't do it out of fear.

However, in a statement brought about by the administrators of that tramway system, it seems that they made it "non-political" in order to consider Mr. Suarez's case as criminal-like and be a basis for his imprisonment no matter how "minor" the issue it be; it even insist that Mr. Suarez did that action despite his innocence.
And if so, from both his assertion as a commuter's rights advocate and his alleged act, then how come that inconvenient statement such as "MRT Bulok" be deemed bereft of politics when Sobrepeña profited MRT through political connections? Such bullshit brought about by the system be like playing safe just to escape the reality how that incident is brought about by realities.

And these realities made that incident really political by nature. "MRT Bulok" is an example of political action against the profiteering compradore and a corrupt bureaucrat who failed to maintain that mass transport system. Obviously, the accident brought about by the negligence of the system is itself a form of vandalism against the passengers themselves for the latter felt upon how ill-maintained, mismanage, if not corrupt those who swore to seriously handle that transport system.

Pardon this person and others concerned, but maybe they want a stupid vandal in the train wall such as a drawing of a dick instead of an inconvenient statement such as "MRT Bulok." Quite apolitical that drawing is than the word Mr. Suarez or any other person has brought upon out of their mind that in turn, out of an inconvenient reality such as an administrative negligence and all that shit. 

But anyways, despite all the shit has brought upon by the system and how a concerned made a compelling damn statement such as a vandal inside a train's wall, everyone deserve a better transport system be it MRT, LRT, or even the lowly Bus, Jeep, and Taxi; but these same people like Suarez et al. demands a really existing best transport system that is far from the inefficiencies of those mismanagers what more of those who clamour for nonsense such as fare hikes in all forms of mass tranport "in the name of competition" if not lobbying those whose conclusion is aggravating existing traffic problems in the major thoroughfares of the metro.

And if same old problems continue to aggravate, then sorry to say, there will be more Angelo Suarezes to fill up the jails because of that political action what authorities deemed it as "not." In fact, there are much serious matters to deal with these administrators such as thieves and sexual harassers riding in those train coaches and left unharmed despite being reported by its victims to these so-called "authorities."
And by the way, as Mr. Suarez remains in jail as of this day, no one was immediately arrested, charged and prosecuted for the MRT accident years back, and no one has been held accountable for all the negligence, mismanagement and corruption that has made the MRT the awful mass transit it has become. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

"An Economy truly for the masses or still for the Elite?"

"An Economy truly for the masses or still for the Elite?"

Notes on President Rodrigo Duterte's Economic Agenda

Formulating a new economic agenda is not new at all, what more of putting some patriotic or populist flavor in it especially in a still developing country like the Philippines.

Be it Garcia's "Filipino First Policy", Marcos's "Import Substitution", to those of Arroyo's willingness to pursue "Globalisation" and Aquino's "Public-Private Partnerships", most economic policies and agendas seemed to be debated especially from those who assert protecting local manufacturers and emphasising domestic-based production to those insisting complete opening to direct foreign investments and unbridled trade liberalisation, all thinking that these policies and agendas as means to resolve economic, and even social issues such as those of poverty and unemployment.

However, there are those whom seemed to trying to make a "third way" on both protectionism and liberalisation, of the need for protecting local enterprise and willingness to open for foreign investments and enterprises, as well as the need to put an end to debt servicing as the Philippines, ever since it tries to create a façade of progress and development has been debt driven for decades, and worse, tainted by corruption and of instability.

It may sound past-like, especially with some of those ideas that  are meant to be in the era where industrialisation as necessary to the developing countries for self development, describing to some as "neo-Keynesian", "Neo-Rhine Captialism", or any other description about that agenda; but, to think that the country hath rather remain contented in commerce and trade, and attempts to industrialise and stimulate domestic based production be curtailed if not restrained, perhaps the desire for genuine national development, as asserted by economists like Lichauco et al. been necessary especially in a government that is, clean and in capacity to attain and sustain such economic plans and tasks.

And that patriotic, of not a "third way" attempt, hath been planned under the present Duterte administration, via its so-called "economic agenda" introduced to the people as president-elect four months ago.

In that agenda, mostly done by economists supporting the newly-elected administration, Duterte appears to be observing policies of his predecessors while at the same time trying to deviate by "radical" means such as those of agarian reform and attempts for industrialisation. His appointment of left-wing figures as well as the people's assertion for a 'peoples agenda' during last month's "State of the Nation Address" did somehow bolster hopes of having a desire for an alternative to an economic agenda whose points rather favours big businessmen and multi/transnational interests. After all, he often saidth about being against "oligarchs".

The points, which seemed catered to both businessmen and commoners alike, are as follows:
  • Continue and maintain current macroeconomic policies, including fiscal, monetary, and trade policies.
  • Institute progressive tax reform and more effective tax collection, indexing taxes to inflation.
  • Increase competitiveness and the ease of doing business.
  • Accelerate annual infrastructure spending to account for 5% of GDP, with Public-Private Partnerships playing a key role.
  • Promote rural and value chain development toward increasing agricultural and rural enterprise productivity and rural tourism.
  • Ensure security of land tenure to encourage investments, and address bottlenecks in land management and titling agencies.
  • Invest in human capital development, including health and education systems, and match skills and training.
  • Promote science, technology, and the creative arts to enhance innovation and creative capacity.
  • Improve social protection programs, including the government's Conditional Cash Transfer program.
  • Strengthen implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law.
It may sound reasonable at first with all its populistic intentions, if not an attempt to merge those of his predecessors and those from his (including those from his "leftist" adherents); but as according to IBON Databank, it showed that most of the policies stated at Duterte’s economic agenda as rather tilted in favor of big business, especially through the easing of foreign ownership restrictions, lowering corporate income taxes, and endorsing public private partnerships similar to those of his predecessors.
And in fact, as acording to Duterte himself, he stated that in relaxing ownership rules through a constitutional amendment would entice foreigners to do business in the country and boost jobs. The relaxation itself may include 100% foreign ownership of utilities, that is contrary to attempts for economic Dirigisme, particularly those of domestic-based "self initiative" in form of empowering domestic-based sectors such as the manufacturing sector.

That perhaps somehow made Duterte's economic policy be deemed confusing knowing that whilst assuming to be as "Patriotic" and "pro-labourer", if not "pro-smallholder" or "promising industrialist", some of his statements tend to keep policies that rather lean towards neoliberal interests, that both Landlords and Compradores trying to keep as such. In fact, the "Peoples Agenda" offered during the "National Peoples Summit" a day before Duterte's inauguration as President stated (excerpts):

"We must reassert our economic sovereignty and conserve our national patrimony. We must repudiate and oppose the neocolonial and neoliberal policies that have been imposed on us to perpetuate economic underdevelopment, aggravate the unequal ex-change of foreign manufactures on one hand and raw materials and semi-manufactures on the other hand, bound us to import-dependent consumption and sink us in perennial trade deficits and foreign indebtedness...

We must engage vigorously in national industrialization. This is the only way we can generate employment in a big way, overcome the conditions of widespread poverty and underdevelopment and prevent a large part of our labor force from leaving the country and separating from their families. The government and private sector can cooperate in establishing major industries and encouraging tens of thou-sands of small and medium enterprises around every major industry as suppliers to the main industry, product distributors and service providers to the communities...

Implement land reform as a matter democratic right and social justice, as the foundation of economic development and as a method of liberating the landless tillers, releasing capital, promoting rural development and creating a domestic market..."

The agenda offered to Duterte by various groups and mass organisations smacks of Dirgisme and Self-initiative as a nation particularly those of industrialisation and agrarian reform done by its neighbours. It tries to emphasise a state that intervenes in economic affairs in behalf of the people, particularly in imposing policies such as those of protecting local enterprise to those of nationalising utilities such as telecommunications, power, and mass transportation. After all, economic Dirigisme had made France improved its standard of living and found means to resolve crisis on employment, welfare, to those of power and other basic needs the French people demanded prior to that self-reliant policy.

And perhaps some of Duterte's economic statements (that some included in his "agenda"), may also sound having serious intentions on being "Economic Dirigist" such as those trying to reintroduce a "market-oriented yet state-intervened mixed economy" of the past, particularly those of  "National Industrialisation" besides "Agrarian Reform".

For as according to Inquirer, President Duterte expressed interest in industrialisation via heavy industry as means to create domestic-based development as well as employment:

"He said the country has to build factories and industries to generate more jobs for the people and one way of doing that is to have a vibrant steel industry.

Industrialization is key to real economic growth, Duterte said in a video outlining his economic programs as President. “We should realize our dream of having our own steel industry,” he added.

Duterte said only by shifting to industrialization that the government would be able to provide windows of opportunity to as many job seekers as possible so people would not be longing anymore to work overseas for better income."

However, his plans for industrialisation also includes direct flow of foreign and local investment, most likely the former with some "regulations" that somehow reflects the view of big businessmen rather than the people in general:

"Duterte said one way of revitalizing the steel industry is to correct some  of the country’s laws or come up with a Code of Economics.

By having this code, the country will be ready to open its doors for  business and investments, he said.

The Department of Trade and Industry also listed several ways to revitalize the steel industry. Among  the recommendations was to encourage investment in the industry by making  it more attractive for local and foreign investors through ISO  accreditation.

Duterte also lamented the bureaucratic red tape that often drives investors  away even as he said Davao City had overcome it when he imposed a 72-hour  period for processing of permits and clearances for businesses.

“We will give investors more than what the other countries are giving them,  even better,” he said."

And in it, those statements shows that despite showing some "third way" intentions, that "Self-initiative" as Duterte probably thinking of, may have also trying to curry favour with outside investment; knowing that the president, trying to assume himself as an "old school" Filipino "patriot", is trying to prove himself and to others that his economic policy an alternative or different to those of his predecessors, whose market-oriented "developmentalism" meant reliance on foreign investments if not disdain for industrialisation and policies such as those of preference in foreign ownership over utilities particularly those classified as national patrimony.
However, that same "developmentalism" brought about by trade liberalisation and globalisation advocates also meant reliance on foreign loans, hence putting a country debt strapped if not keeping domestic-based development at a snail's pace as concerned by many. And perhaps, Duterte himself may probably end becoming same as his predecessors if he leaned towards big businesses despite his "anti-Oligarch" rhetoric due to his statements that includes "Continuing and maintaining current macroeconomic policies, including fiscal, monetary, and trade policies." and "Promoting Public-Private Partnerships" that is, a basis for "Commercialisation, and Privatisation" of state-owned assets.

And since people heard various contradictions over President Duterte's economic policies and agendas, it appears to be idealistic the way he assumed himself as a "patriot" if not a "populist" or even a "socialist" as what he self-proclaimed months ago; that his economic policy smacks of reintroducing some Singaporean or French-style Dirigisme the way he opposes "Domestic Oligarchs" or even those of "American-based interests", while others looked at him as "Opportunist" due to his statements that are
But such statements does not sound what more of appear clearly as people sees the other side as still accomodating to globalisation as any other third world country dependent on the developed ones. True that there are attempts to end Contractualisation, but does it include companies owned by compradore oligarchs such as Henry Sy and Lucio Tan? True that there may possibly having wage increases for the laborers but how about consumer protection amidst increasing prices of goods and commodities? Again, the agenda is as worth debatable given its pros and cons, or to which sector does the agenda favor: is it the commoner or the elite? Is it for the benefit of all or still for the benefit of the few? Dirigisme appears to be intervening, but will that dirigisme under Duterte prevail in an economic order that favors neoliberalism, globalisation, as well as feudal interests? Thank god that there are progressives in the cabinet dealing on Agrarian Reform, Social Welfare, as well as Labour!

But Ionically, Neoliberal interests also assumed themselves "patriotic" as they insist 100% foreign ownership of utilities meant a showcase of "national development" without a need for stimulating domestic production even agrarian reform! The policies brought about by international moneylending agencies used Sounds typical for having a system stubbornly trying to keep their interests also have to assume itself populistic the way it appeased the masses with bread and circuses.

source: Rappler
All in all, the policies brought about by the present Duterte administration is an attempt to cater the elite and those of the masses. True that it appears confusing if not criticisable with most policies reminiscent of past administrations. Maybe the president tries to emphasise preferential option to the masses with free healthcare, education, as well as immediate and adequate distribution of social services while at the same time dealing with Big Businesses and Foreign Investors with various forms of "economic reforms" catered to their interests as well as those of Smallholders and Local Industrialists. It also quite appeared ridiculous knowing that despite his statements and "agendas", he also had grudges with big business, American policymakers,  and even the Left despite having latter's personages within the cabinet. The military, being subservient to interests, may have been intervening in some, if not most policies as it asserts need for intense internal security to those of opposing the left and its actions "detrimental to the status quo."

And perhaps, come to think that the agenda, in its simplest terms, appears to be made to appear sneerable through the ears. But if one may ask, is the alternative worth fulfillable? Or just a hodgepodge of promises that is meant to be broken?

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

"I'll be your man, beloved"

"I'll be your man, beloved"

(Based from a song "Ja Sin Sam Tvoj")

From the chimneys comes a willing call
Voices of struggle rise and resound
These are the voices of a risen people
Whose fields and homes trying to unbound
From the church bells proudly ringing
And the masjids adhans solemnly chanting
These are the voices of a risen people
Whose fields and homes trying to unbound

Roses are blooming over blood soil'd ricefields
Blue dawn over the lowly seas
Sunlight ripples over the green mountains
Spreading out to the cherished cities
Crystal clear waters over the rivers
White sand beaches yearning for hopes
Through the waves brought by summer breezes
Resounds the clamours of emerging freedom

And if the enemies casts thy shadows
Over the misty silent graves
They will meet us, dead, living comrades
Willing to face death with our cherished arms raised
Singing songs of an emerging freedoms
Clamours brought by a people awake
Over the battles an epic's been written
All by blood in its unwritten pages

O ageless homeland, facing thy mar
Cherished in struggle, blood, and war
Through you I'll stood guard through my two eyes
I'll be your man, beloved,
I'll be your man.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Kamuning ramblings, and Canticles from a Bard

Kamuning ramblings
And Canticles from a Bard

Seems that this person end inspired again all after these poems made while having a treat.

Be it a coffee at Kamuning Bakery or a Chinese buffet at the oldest Chinatown district, this person seemed to vent what came from his mind over to this page, particularly through poems that mostly speaks about love if not having bouts of melancholy.

And admittingly speaking, those times be like incomplete without a someone behind those written literary works. There are muses in this person's life brought out canticles that perhaps once stored as thoughts and be translated into words that eventually be end posted in this page.

And as for the places that made he enjoy the food and churn some written works, Kamuning Cafe's Coffee as well as its All-Day Breakfast Adobo seemed good; so was Troika for some nightlife and beer if not a certain Chinese restaurant and its buffet.

But again, being alone seemed to be not enough all despite having foods worth enjoying, Books that seemed good to read about, Paintings to see, or even the establishment's wireless internet that made people afford to take pictures all for their personal social media accounts.

"Coffeebreak at Kamuning Cafe"

All is but cold in tuesday noon
As entered that place an interesting room
Full of artworks eyecatching to see
If not its menu compelling to eat

I ordered coffee worth eighty
And reading a brochure about Mimar Sinan's Turkey
If I had enough hard earned money
It should been coffee and spaghetti

Writing critiques in a trusty journal
Uploading pictures for a site quite normal
Enough to enjoy a cold afternoon
And somehow planning to go another that is coming soon

However that day seemed lonesome as what I say
As I drank coffee, writing, reading on that day
If not thinking about a lass named Karen Mae
In the place called Kamuning Cafe


All seemed good to enter again that place
Enough to chill and perhaps to amaze
Unlike yesterday's loneliness due to afternoon rain
Thanks to that coffee that is tying to keep heart warmth remain

Ordered an Adobo that is one hundred and fifty
Quite filling than yesterday's coffee worth eighty
Sorry if I ate that hearty meal instead of  Spaghetti
It seemed so expensive for it is one hundred and ninety

But despite being alone all seemed contented
Is it because of the food or the artworks displayed and made I astounded?
Or the promise from a maiden that brings hope in one's heart
If not a semblance of love that perhaps keeps never apart?

Strange those days at Kamuning Cafe
Perhaps the ambiance made me yearn to go and stay
Thanks sir Wilson for the food, book, and art by the way
Hope next time in that place I am with Karen Mae

"Canticle of a Bard"

When the morning skies grew red
Come over to the battleshed
Though o maiden appearth in thy fight
When the battles filled over once spleandour
Through your hope I vow to remember
As I felt and understand
That freedom hath felt through the hand

Once you brought thy tender bliss
Through thy dreams and loving kiss
O my beloved so ever near
Beauty and charm that is worth remembr'ing
But I know your kindness worth lasting
Thus I felt and understand
That thy love felt through the hand

When dark clouds surrounded us
And fear tries apart break us
Yet you chose not as we held our hands hard
With thy embrace pierced the gloom till shatter
And our love affirmed thus forever
Yes we felt and understand
That our love felt through the hand

And if I fell lies the pain
Will I ever hear you again
And your loving voice be cherished remain?
Far from the idle noise of the blooded plain,
The soul in peace is more serene,
For we felt and understand
That hope and love felt in our hand

"True that I dreamed of love"

True that I dreamed of love
But that love is not enough nowadays
In an era of canned cultures
And exaggerated forms of eroticisms
Creeping everyone's minds and emotions
Just to stave away the reality
Such those of suffering.

That even I is affected by the maladies
Be it from the mind if not from the stomachs
It made me felt sleepless if not hungry
For food if not something to enlight

Quite strange to say those words if not almost unrelatable
But Love seemed to be far from its essence
If not negated from its existence
How come love is more to do with couples helding hands
And less to those who desire to redeem from its chains
More to do with experiences from the ball and bed
And less on aspiring for a world to win?

Admittingly speaking, if there is really love
Hope that love is not about special days for feels trips and emotions
Nor Chocolates and Red Roses
And various forms of eroticisms
Love should be more to do with willingness to be with
Be it death or in hells of reality
The way one would afford to say The Will to Live
In a game called Life.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Seizing the fire!

Seizing the fire!

(Or notes after President Rodrigo Duterte 
suspend the earlier "Unilateral Ceasefire" with the Communists
And how earlier events made it happen to suspend)

It may sound unbelievable at first, that how come a President known for cordially dealing with the government's political enemies be end mobilising his armed forces by suspending, or rather scrapping his earlier statement about a "ceasefire" especially with the National Democratic Front and its armed wing, the New Peoples Army.

With the recent action made last July 27, it appeared to be that the rebels staged that action, especially in the middle of what the president declared a "suspension of hostilities"; and yet there were earlier acts that perhaps made the statement becoming less of a rhetoric as the system's attack dogs discreetly trying to wage a "low intensity conflict" against those whose stance be those of an active defence. It also made the clique eager to continue the conflict, what more of a head of state who does not even afford to listen clearly from the other camp, who also desired for peace, what more of a dialouge that would address the cause behind that protracted struggle (that even Dureza and Bello admitted that there should be a real "Road Map to Peace" as possible, With Bello himself also admitted that there are those in the Government trying to disrupt the need for Peace between the government and the rebel group).

But regardless of all the tensions between the government and the rebels, President Rodrigo Duterte may still insist to the rest that he is a reformist, if not a revolutionary, or even a "leftist" in the eyes of his supporters; and that with all the reforms that perhaps tried to enact, it may sound good to say that even its Leftist adversaries such as the Communists themselves have also appreciated him for his promises such as those related to peace, land, bread for the masses.
However, to think that he also represents the old social order with all the reactionary policies retained, of leading an armed forces that is tied to vested interests of the few, of what is change and the desire for peace if all are deemed superficial in the eyes of the concerned?

What more of witnessing earlier and later events such as:

  • Having the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the  Paramilitary group "Alamara" on an active operation in Kapalong, Davao del Norte, resulting in several engagements including its July 5 ambush that wounded one member of the New Peoples Army.

  • Determined to continue its offensive military operations in Kapalong, the same troops rather ignored the ceasefire declaration of their Commander In Chief but instead, took off for combat operation from their detachment in Brgy. Patil last July 26.

  • In North Cotabato, the 39th Infantry Battalion recently identified 13 barrios in Kidapawan City to be placed under Peace and Development Outreach Program (PDOP) to purge them of “communist-influence” while its troops are currently in clearing operations in Magpet, Cotobato. While last July 27, platoons of the 84th Infantry Battalion were deployed in far-flung communities of Toril, Davao City.
  • In Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur, troops of the 2nd Scout Rangers Battalion conducted combat operations on July 29.

  • The July 30, 2016 incident wherein one pregrant woman died, identified as Makinit Gayuran, while more than ten other Tigwahanon tribespeople including children suffered gunshot wounds. Perpetrators of the said incident were identified as the group of New Indigenous People's Army for Rerorm (NIPAR) led by Alde "Butsoy" Salusad, and one CAFGU identified by the community as alias "Asang" belonging to the 68th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army.

These events has made the promise of Peace be like trying to sneer people through the ears while behind does something fishy such as murderers in uniform trying to disrupt the peace itself and putting the blame on those who trying to keep vigilance as possible. True that in Duterte's words there was a ceasefire but that ceasefire also includes vigilance to keep and perhaps win the peace through hearts and minds not just a mere "truce" meant for chrissakes.

However, despite all yearnings and seeing events such as soldiers disrupting on the pretext of "security" and of "interests", it seemed likely to conclude that the president did hath turned a cease fire into an all out seize fire. As in seizing the fire by the people and make the people themselves talk what kind of peace it has to be.
It may sound strange but who controls the fire may also bring a just and lasting change, and that includes an all out peace based on justice.

However, if the system rather chose what is contrary to the need for a just and lasting peace such as a peace based on fear, then the people will rather confront that fear seriously through its series of assertions, knowing that their plight brought them to the extent of letting their lives sacrificed just to reverse what hath the system done so.
Imagine, how come a system who managed to say "they have to win the peace" has to deal things "extrajudicially" to those who are against the system and its policies? That amidst hearing a Commander in Chief's statement they stubbornly pursue their actions as if there was no "ceasefire" happened? In fact, despite all the promises that are partially being realised, here's no change without realising people's desire, especially in its fullest form enough to create a serious ire against the system itself: be it land for the landless, homes for the homeless, peace for the peaceless, bread for the breadless, education for the illiterate, and other desires a nation has to deal especially if that is in pursuit of a nation's rebirth.

But despite all the president's statements, still, the desire for change and peace has not transformed yet to its final, fullest form. Hope that people, whose desire is an "All Out Just and Lasting Peace", be assertive of its call and remain vigilant against those trying to ruin it for their own benefit.