Thursday, 25 August 2016

"After a day in Jail"

"After a day in Jail"

by: Joseph de Luna Saguid

At first, this person is ought to say that after a day in bars, A beaming Angelo Suarez has left the police station at Kamuning with his son. With a smile in his face, is again enjoying his day outside with his supporters who not just cheered for his release, but also sang him "happy birthday" for coincidentally, his release is also the day day of his birth.

Quite nice isn't it? That despite the comments coming from his critics, and the cases filed against him. or even his release as deemed "temporary", the poet who once had his poems featured in the train didn't yield to their wishes. Behind bars he continues to smile as he asserts his innocence, and now outside and with the company of his family and friends one would say that criticisms failed to put him down, ranging from his lack of respect to a dilapidated train to those of his facial appearance reminding of a terrorist simply because he's bearded.

And as he stepped out of detention. he expressed  not just thanks, but he reaffirmed his sentiment as he called on the public to demand and fight for improving and nationalizing mass transport "as a vital ingredient to attaining progress". He also said that it is also time to take back the trains from the Compradores and Bureaucrats who think of nothing but profit whilst giving commuters the most awful and expensive services.

by: Joseph de Luna Saguid
In fact, in a statement from Mr. Suarez himself, he further expressed his angst against the administrators of the Metro Rail Transit knowing that he's been unjustly accused of a crime or simply because he's a commuters rights advocate. Obviously, they find the administrators easy to blame a critic just because of a mere vandal on that goddamn train wall, here it goes:

"I feel bad having been detained for word against me by a fellow worker who relies on public utilities and infrastructure as much as I do, who has been let down by the MRT even worse than I have.

The allegation against me was made by a guard under pressure to find 'vandals' who have been writing, posting, and stickering their grievances on the MRT. According to her fellow guards--many of whom agree with me that the MRT is rotten--the pressure on them to find these people has been incredible, having been on the receiving end of reprimand by management. One even whispered to me that, as a guard, he knew even more than the average passenger cld how rotten the MRT truly was..."

Furhermore, he again assailed authorities for the train's mismanagement as well as suppressing his dissent "in the name of corporate interest.":

Big compradors like MRT Corp. Chairman Robert Sobrepena and bureaucrats like General Manager Roman Buenafe who enable them play this sick game of pitting workers against workers for their profit or pleasure. This shldn't have been my word against the guard's words; this shldn't have been a matter of me combating policemen, tho there is much to be said about the police being an institution for the protection of private property despite its impact on public interest. I wasn't the only one deprived of sleep and time; so too were these fellow workers--MRT personnel caught between their job and our protest, policemen whose cramped office my friends and I made even more cramped because of my detainment--instrumentalized by corporate interest to suppress dissent from their logic of accumulation thru dispossession..."

His statement reflects that even the employees or even the passengers who chose to remain as silent as possible know the truth, critics who have opposed his moves also recognized the fact how dilapidated the train is yet they "optimistically" thinking that there may be possible improvements if not disregarding it since it is none of their issue to deal with even as commuters themselves.

But despite all the bullshits brought upon against Mr. Suarez, still, it is good to say that the poet hath gained his freedom, although temporarily as there are are charges still pressed against him. Furthermore, his freedom does not mean stopping his commitment being a commuters' rights activist whose clamour is as simple: affordable, improved, and safe means of mass transportation be it Jeeps, Buses, or Trains including that still rotting MRT system passing over EDSA.

Authorities may still continue repress him as well as others asserting commuters' rights, but the concerned, be it those who clamoured his freedom outside Kamuning Police Station to his supporters in social media sites, will be at his side countering their treacherous moves.

That's all for now.