Sunday, 28 August 2016

"Rekindling their memories"

"Rekindling their memories"

Notes for National Heroes Day

From that mixed media one would see how "A willing Patriot
Pays filial piety to Jose Rizal"
(from a pic made intentionally for the post)

At first, this person is ought to say that in an era of treating holidays as just vacations, there are those who celebrate National Heroes Day with respect to one's cherished heroes, and to rekindle its almost long lost memories and aspirations.

It may sound strange that there are those who chose to rekindle almost forgotten memories, hopes, and aspirations, but also the desire of these heroes who have weaved a nation's history and legacy, be it living or dead, has been embedded on those who truly concerned about one's homeland, be it those who contribute for its betterment or those who defend against the tremors of time.

But to most people, especially those who chose to move on as if nothing happened or trying to see things as irrelevant, it intentionally does not care about heroism, history, or the desire to uplift and defend save those of their interests; but for the truly concerned, such rekindling makes itself less of a right and more of a duty the way the ones from the past has made and passed over for generations. Sorry for the words but quite true for in an era where shallowness is been dominated over profundity, of contentment on ones' mediocrity than ceaseless pursuit of excellence, what everybody sees is less heroism despite personages or anything that is full of pride to brag with (yet failed to face inconvenient truths in one's homeland).

Admittingly speaking, people may have desired to meet them, be it alive and well or now being played by a cosplayer for a selfie, but if one may ask, since people afford to have living or even dead heroes for a barkada, does people do seriously stress the word respect for them, particularly its aspirations and hopes over a goddamn suffering nation?

Perhaps it is for the people to ask.