Thursday, 29 September 2016

"As the Nation mourns after Defensor"

"As the Nation mourns after Defensor"

(An eulogy to the late great statesperson Miriam Defensor Santiago)

At first, this page conveys heartfelt condolences to one of the well-known personages known for being a staunch defender of the "rule of law", a "seeker" of truth from facts, and an ardent patriot: Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who had died peacefully in her sleep on the 28th of September, 2016, at 8:00 in the morning.

As people from all walks of life known her for having a good track record, splendid intelligence, pick up lines for the youth, and perhaps as a supposed "president" if not for the old man last 1992, the "iron lady of Asia" tried her outmost best in making the legislature and other branches of government abide by the rule of law despite numerous scandals surrounding legislators to those of the president and even the chief justice during the impeachment trials last 2000 and in 2011.

But to others, the late great statesperson was an ardent patriot, who truly abides by the dictum "Salus populi suprema lex esto" or "The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law", especially in making laws if not investigating issues surrounding the country be it foreign intervention to those of corruption.

And it it somehow earned both praise and ire from the people. For sure until today one may remember how she scrutinise every personage or policy that according to her view meant contrary to the provisions of the constitution;
that several years past, Defensor-Santiago, then as head of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, was also known her consistent and courageous stand for national sovereignty against foreign intervention, especially in repeatedly calling for legislative actions against unfair and invasive military treaties with foreign powers, such the calls to review Visiting Forces Agreement, as well as leading the Senate in voting to declare invalid and ineffective the Enhance Defense Cooperation Agreement, and in investigations of repeated violations of our national dignity including that of the murder of Jennifer Laude.

And besides her critical stand against foreign intervenors in state policies and corruptors infesting the state bureaucracy, the late statesperson did spent a good part of her stint in the upper chamber in advancing many bills especially those for the protection of women, children and families, and some of which has become laws that benefit Filipinos. One of which was that she penned a parallel resolution in the Senate to support the House Resolution authored by Gabriela Womens Party to call for the end to privatization of public hospitals.

These contributions showed how Miriam Defensor-Santiago did not live for herself, but rather for others. That despite having some major criticisms on some statements during her stint as legislator,  this person is ought to say that with all her contributions in lawmaking to those of making witty jokes and pleasing appearances, what she did was simply all for the good of her struggling country.

And although it is true that she have left from this continuing past and entered history, but in the heart of every Filipino and perhaps in every Asian, she remains alive and youthful as they remember and even relive her memories as an illustrous or even ideal Legislator and statesperson.

And no matter how detractors trying to pin both her persona and her contributions, again, what the late statesperson did was not just for the interests of the Filipino people, but also for the interests of the world.

Again, she will be greatly missed, but it would be gladly that instead of mourning over her passing, why not heed her call to reform and create a country guided by its principles.

And perhaps, Stupid will always be forever. Like Miriam, it is the duty to enlighten, or im her words, to cure the ignorant.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

"Take a Sip and Think!"

"Take a Sip and Think!"

All after having Iced Latte at "The Den"

At first, this person is ought to say that while that cozy, grey-coloured area is as seemingly out of place, the newly opened cafe simply known as "The Den" offers a pleasant respite from one's work if not a chance to take ease from the usual pressures happened everytime.

Designed by the 1/0 design collective along with 98B collaboratory, "The Den" offers a good serving of Coffee, tea, as well as pasta or even a grilled cheese sandwich in a reasonable price.


Quite strange though but despite the raw setting (perhaps because the walls aren't painted) and the uniqueness of its furniture designed for the cafe's purpose, "The Den" makes one afford to brainstorm for a good proposal if not making one's imagination flow in a way this person is making his own "art" for quite some time alongside a glass of ice-cold latte.

And with its official opening and attended by various personages mainly within the art scene, "The Den" is somehow truly shows that its creators aren't also just focusing on designing structures or the furniture, but also having time preparing coffee, tea, even pasta and grilled cheese sandwich for customers after a day of seeing things at the HUB and before drinking sprees at Fred's Revolucion.

After all, like the place and the furniture, this person is ought to say that even preparing and serving food, be it coffee in papercups or pasta served in porcelain, is a serious craft to deal with.

And perhaps, the owners did truly enjoy doing it. So have a respite at "The Den" with some coffee and some magazines (as featured in this post) sandwich as part of an Escoltan experience!


The Den is located at Ground Floor, Perez-Samanillo (First United) Building 413 Escolta St, Binondo, Manila (near Sta. Cruz Church, Old Prudential Bank main office, and Regina Building)

Friday, 23 September 2016

"Still desiring for a well-founded nation"

"Still desiring for a well-founded nation"

A note brought about by a prevailing system's babbling of hope and change
and yet showing its obvious reactions to its subjects
desiring those same sentiments

"We must build the house of Philippine Democracy on a strong foundation, a viable economy and society, not on the shifting sand of palliative measures. When the storm comes, the house can stand because it is well founded."

These are the words the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos saidth in one of his speeches during the so-called "new society." It seemed to be idealistic enough that said message as he tries to invoke national renaissance, social concord, and domestic restructuring as means to create a new and vibrant society brought about by the call of times.

However, all despite its appeal to idealism, patriotism, and perhaps even hope and change, these words are rather reduced to mere appeals as the present system including those of the former ruler has much interest to keep over.

How strange it was, or even is that those who babble such good messages are contrary to their actions, that even they afforded to create some infrastructure does not translate to emancipation of the masses nor create a new course. Words like economic emancipation or political liberation has nothing to do with a status quo emphasising feudalism and bureaucratic corruption what more of neoliberalism and its globalisation.

And in a obviously semicolonial country it seems that one within the system can afford to babble the idea of shaping one's destiny as a nation, that is contrary to the fact that its policies rather continue to be dictated by nonetheless superior powers who tries to undermine growing nationalism by emphasising global unity and transnational development, that is obviously a retention of master-vassal relations.

"We may not have the power and influence to shape the destiny of our region, but we can shape our own. It is within our power to strengthen ourselves economically and socially, so as to develop our nation's resistance to internal strains and disorders, and build a viable and permissive framework of national life in which every Filipino can ultimately find his opportunities for fulfillment and advancement."


Again, amidst the façade of development and conditions appeared to be opportunity provoking, the order's reluctance to seriously heed the call of the people for genuine social change rather reduces all these optimistic words into plain rhetoric enough to sneer people through both eye and ear, as the supposed creation of a vibrant sociopolitical life wherein advancements and opportunities been ceaselessly cultivated are obviously façades meant to hide hidden injustices and disenfranchisements particularly against the less fortunate sectors of the society.
The system greatly benefited from bastardising hopes and turning it into theirs as if people may agree unto it. Be it economics, culture, foreign relations, military and domestic affairs, the system is as if assuming to be with the people knowing that the latter be impressed by the former's numerous "contributions" no matter how corrupt or repressive the system is least they allegedly did something assuming that their "interest" is as same those of the peoples.

Admittingly speaking, to use some of the late dictator's statements be like trying to invoke patriotism to the people in general, but like any other personage within that same old social order, those words again meant to appease the people amidst the latter's growing dissent. For sure everybody knows that the system is reluctant to make a nation truly independent as what its founding fathers been insisted. After all, will long term self reliant programs such as industrialisation truly succeed if not for those compradores who disagree due to their commercial interests? Or is land reform likely to be successful knowing that landlords and bureaucrats trying to dilute its intention in favour of keeping interests favourable to the latter? How ironic that the rotten social order had afforded to babble some words that is contrary to their usual means as keepers of their vested interests.

Anyways, as time goes by, and still seeing a system feigning as patriots or nationalists, this person and others concerned is ought to say that the struggle for the protection and promotion of national interests is but corollary to the freedom and independence a nation been struggled and gained decades back. In fact, in the once newly independent countries of Asia, Latin America, and Africa, there lies a quest for regaining national identity, an inquiry into native virtues and traditions and a soul searching reexamination of foreign values that had been engrafted into one's native cultures. Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, had afforded to merge both fruitful legacies brought about by its own and those of the foreign just to create something anew in their nation's identities, or rather say trying to restructure by means of bridging both past and present ideals in pursuit of making better and fruitful outcomes as progressive societies, or in case of China and Vietnam, had to undergo revolutionary means in pursuit of rebirth as a nation brought about by its once cherished legacy and of social justice.

And perhaps, it shows that ever since Nationalism has swept the face of every continent. It has acquired social awareness in which it invokes not just redemption from domestic or foreign repression but liberation from socioeconomic injustices in which the masses, known as the creators of both socoety and history truly desired for a place in the sun. In the Philippines, this has found expression in the maxim: "The Philippines for the Filipinos", but Filipinos also desired more than just that maxim commonly raped by vested interests, and that is to take it into action through creating strong, rooted foundations brought about by justice, freedom, and hope from a struggling people for generations.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A need to Rethink

 A need to Rethink

(or all after seeing an order
trying to bastardise people's aspirations
into theirs)

It seems that today's order of things has been less to do with realisation of supposed profound goals and more to do with retention of interests.

That all despite numerous promises and perhaps seeing initial successes, the alternative future, or the final goal in which all of the programs and efforts allocated has not been fully realised.
And in it encompasses political, economic, cultural, or any matter that affects the individual, the community, and even the generations whose aspirations be greatly affected by an inconvenient truth such as a decadent and corrupted society.

For as contrary to the views that are being presented such as those forecasted by "optimistically minded" futuristics, reality has rather brought to a still conclusion that behind all words such as reform, restructruring, change, or even revolution, is a same old status quo save for new Television shows, office and commercial buildings, and means to keep people "at bay", especially amidst "actually existing truths" such as crisis and scandals in its various forms.

Sorry to say but that inconvenient truths brought about by today's order of things rather negates change and restructing as it favours retention of interests. The system tries its "best" to maintain as possible as they afforded to use words such as change and reinterpret their so-called "charity" as "empowerment". Good to hear their so-called "intentions" though, but the obvious mismanagement that created numerous crisis made one think how come amidst developments same old problems remain full scale what more of its effects as shown by its numerous protests and various forms of direct action?

Anyway, both the elite as well as the masses shared the same perspective and view about an empowered and developed society such as what the late Ferdinand Marcos said:

"Political liberation, economic emancipation, and social concord- these are the basic aspirations of the Filipino community. They are goals as well as guiding principles, aims as well as methods, in our efforts to transform Philippine society."

Sorry to use him for a reference, but the desire for restructuring Philippine society by revolutionary means comes a realisation of sorts be it peace, land, and bread; but a sorry state of reality brought about by an interest seeking order makes one think what kind of change has affected millions of people especially those who truly desired that damned word? For sure they have sought a fast changing setting such as skyscrapers and state of the art gadgets urban-bred populaces can afford, but archaic truths such as corruption within in the bureaucracy and various forms of social injustices in the countryside makes a third world country rather stagnant in terms of social development.

That perhaps also benefited the developed countries given the third world's vassal-like state. To the system and its apologetics who afforded to babble freedom sees being a vassal if not a tributary to a greater power is more of an ally to trust with, that being dependent to a greater power meant chances of developent with alibis such as globalisation and neoliberalism that can provide "greater opportunities" particularly both in the economy and the society; and low wages and maldeveloped conditions for workers meant greater income for businesses that perhaps according to them also meant chances of empowering if not developing communities.

Anyway, with all these statements trying to justify a corrupted status quo of sorts, one may ask if 'are they serious enough in stating such profound words? Or just sneering people through the ears as if they are trying to appear willing to create what they have babbled about'? The words of the late dictator did babble about economic emancipation or political liberation, yet reality rather showed its contrary such as actually-existing repression guised as "rule of law and order" by corrupt bureaucrats, thuggish military and policemen, and status-quo favouring personages ironically babbling about change just to appease people's angst.
Time and again despite all their statements and at the same time seeing same old crisis and scandals makes their messages meant to appease a growing hatred by the people themselves, who, despite seeing the wonders the system afforded to brag still felt the hunger, thirst, hopelessness brought about by an order who despite sworn to fulfill aspirations rather focusing entirely in keeping its own interests.

And thus, no wonder why this person and others concerned would say that there is a need to rethink in this continuing past rather than just move on without putting justice and realise such profound yet confusing words such as change.

Monday, 19 September 2016

"Of Folkish thoughts over Artworks and Poems"

"Of Folkish thoughts 
over Artworks and Poems"

(Or how he loves to make "a rooted future" in his works)

Mostly consists of folksy, past-like structures such as old churches, houses, a windmill, and even a ship, alongside factories and office buildings, this person, all based from the books being read and the places he had sought, may have brought ideas as well as imagination all enough to paint in once empty canvases and invoke a future that perhaps rooted in its marvelous pasts.

"My understanding surrounds the truth of things,
And my truth is mixed up in me,
And the truth of my descent is set forth by itself,
And when it was known it was altogether in me.
And all that are in the universe are under me,
And all the habitable parts and deserts,
And everything created is under me..."

- an excerpt from "The poem in praise of Šeiḫ 'Adî"
(The Principal Prayer of the Yezidis)

"When the moonlight fades away
And the sun soon shows the way
When the night ends its starry casts
And the day comes cloudy masts
Fragrant flowers spread their scent
Lies the call of thy freedom
Lilies, roses in the land
A renewed word that is love"

- an excerpt from the poem
"When the moonlight fades away"

"True that we seek for a radiant future 
Coming from the stories we love to read 
Be it from fact or fiction 
Trying to bridge it as we lead
Trying to create a tomorrow of wonders
If not creating a world whose love is just
Trying to break the chains
Be it repression or of lust"

- an excerpt from the poem "A Radiant future"

It may appear as typical as any other artwork, or even mistaken for those made by kids and adolescents addicted to fairy tales or even history books; but for this person who loved arts and history it is more of a continuation of what he read and what he wrote. Poems like "A Radiant Future" and "When the Moonlight fades away" expressed hopes of a rooted future if not a generation whose values been embedded rather than those of today's decadence.

Admittingly speaking, to have folkish thoughts is a product of seeing the reality such as an unbridled decadence the present world has ever made, with its sheer nonsense the concerned dares to resist by both creative and destructive means.

Or perhaps amongst those who appears to be satisfied from today's technological advancements there are those who desired for something much more meaningful like a return to learning and a desire to reclaim lost heritages.

Friday, 16 September 2016

To Stand Up as a Nation Or to be Contented as a Neocolony?

To Stand Up as a Nation 
Or to be Contented as a Neocolony?

Notes on the popular idea of clinging to its inherent Americanism
And the aspiration of building a better, independent nation

It's been a series of discussions, or rather say hecklings to deal about especially after President Duterte expressed his disgust in front of both local and international media.

With words such as "Who are you? What right do you have to try to push and lecture me, a head of an independent and sovereign state, on what I do for my country and my people!"  It seems that people are again babbling about the benefits of being a vassal of a bigger nation if not a hodge podge of cold war hysteria and concerning about loss of "development packages" coming from those who currently thinking about their own problems instead of others (yet seeing its government choosing to spend more on wars as if necessary to maintain dominance and interests.)

But the irony is that these people also afforded to babble patriotism the way they fly the flag and sing the national anthem; but their view on becoming self reliant seemed half hearted if not reluctant as they continue prefering to depend on outside aid such as the United States or any of its allies like Australia or any other country whose geopolitical orientation smacks of Atlanticism.

And as in the past, there are those who seriously yearning for a return of US Bases thinking that besides arms and development packages, possibly there be provisions ranging from both US and Philippine flags will flown side by side and both US and Filipino military commanders be as if brothers in equal footing.

Quite nice though at first to hear statements coming from both the United States and its brown skinned apologetics, with all the promises of immediate action and equal yet preferential treatment entirely in paper or perhaps meant for the papers in case of actual actions.
But reality be like Uncle Sam is the boss while Juan de la Cruz as the servant; the former may as if earning for some hot cash brought about by its taxpayers and the perks of living outside mainland with all its tropical wonders, but their goods meant for the latter be like state of the art trash if not a series of scandals meant to suffer.

And ever since this person and others concerned sees most of the time people assuming to be "patriotic" if not "nationalist" be at the same time crying for Yankee aid most of the time, then its better to ask why not let the country and its people stand up for itself? For sure time and again seeing dependence on Yankee aod shows a country's mendicancy on the pretense of additional development and security.
And also to think that for a country wherein having rich resources and hardworking people, standing up independently as a nation would truly make Uncle Sam's supposed conscience thinks how his brown brother he bullied truly knows how to be himself as he faces Fu Manchu in the other backyard.

And also if president Obama once afforded to say that "Peoples and governments all around the world look to America for leadership and security," lies the fact that the United States, in order to maintain its interests, has to consolidate its allies even closer, or rather say trying to insist its unwritten dictum that its vassals has to follow nonetheless "America's way or no way and the highway."
Apologetics be like trying to repackage statements into something correct and pleasing to the ears, as if all the nations "are looking to the United States as they set and write the rules in a rules-based world!"

How strange then, that if they afforded to assume themselves as patriots or nationalists, then how come they chose to be as much American as the Americans themselves? Is it because of the illusion that the United States-Philippine relations are in an equal footing? Or the idea that the United States will provide packages of development as in the good old days? Again, Big BothSam is the boss while Juan is the servant; the latter as if earning for cash and perks of living outside mainland with all its tropical wonders, but their goods meant for Juan be like state of the art trash if not a series of scandals meant to suffer.

Imagine, the Chinese afforded to reverse engineer every good be it guns or cars, of Kalashinov copies by Norinco or imitations of BMW limousines under the name "Red Flag", while Juan chose to get contented on second hand stuff with alibis such as "least it is good quality and cheaper than rolling sleeves". Sorry to say but despite describing it as cheap ass copycats and fakes, why not learn from their experiences for at least to make some good quality ones really enough to counter theirs?

Perhaps that damn Sam, with his usual incorrectness be like:

"If Victor Charlie did defeat that Fu Manchu alone from 1979-1980 with few aid and same weapons, then how about Juan? He's a good soldier anyway, what he needs is his own initiative to cultivate over to counter that sleeping dragon."

Hence, no need for agreements be it the "Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement", "Mutual Logistics Support Agreement", "Visiting Forces Agreement", and scrap all illusions for another "Military Bases Treaty" and an illusion of "Parity Rights"; but instead there are more lessons to learn how to be ourselves given that there are good and intelligent personages willing to break from decades old mendicancy from both west and east. After all, of what is "change starts from the self" if that self is meant for the individual and not also for the nation?

Perhaps, let the awakened make heaven out of that goddamn hell.
That's all for now.

Friday, 9 September 2016

"Notes on Prisma"

"Notes on Prisma"

Admittingly speaking, this person is addicted to Prisma the way others addicted to Instagram or Canva when it comes to editing and posting their pictures. For that app somehow helps enhance the sketches as he experiments with its filters be it once or twice before posting.

Courtesy from one of his friends, Prisma is like any other photo editing app like Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk's Sketchbook, and people, with some "artistic imaginations" dare to transform their pictures into something enough to consider as "artistic", especially with a variety of filters such as "Curly hair" or "Gothic."

Quite strange though at first, but to think that in using that app meant to be for the pictures, it also "helps" in "improving" a sketchwork be it old or new. Or perhaps that app is trying to merge the traditional (through the pencil) and the modern (via Prisma) when it comes to making a form of a Mixed media.

And perhaps a useful tool in making some culture jammings and forms of artistic deviance. Sorry if the last statement sounds political but reality makes one politicised though besides getting cultured by its culture.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

When midnights comes poetry

When midnights comes poetry

As everybody sleeps, and this person remains awake at midnight, it seems worth enticing to write some literary works such as poetry besides reading if not brainstorming for a tract that's meant to be written.

Inspired by his past experiences, of books, and perhaps those meant to cherish for all those happy and saddening times, this person feels that in making those poems in the middle of the night (as shown below, as well as others posted earlier) tends to stimulate the mind and let its imagination flow, translate into words, that is, suitable for a literary work such as a poem.

And in speaking of midnights that sometimes creates an ire particularly those who caught him awake all because of these, then pardon him for having himself dwellth into the nights if most have to rise on morning days.

"When the moonlight fades away"

When the moonlight fades away
And the sun shows the way
When the night ends its starry casts
And the day comes cloudy masts
Fragrant flowers spread their scent
Lies the call of thy freedom
Lilies, roses in the land
A renewed word that is love

When the stories have been told
They wake the people up
When the battles end fought, won
They wake all the people up
Legends rise from blood soiled fields
The way roses end up bloom
Faithful prayed for hope came soon
So is love with fruitful tunes

When the writer makes his wish
As he sought the battlefields
His pen creates poems and songs
Thoughts oe'rflown, never yield
Then he read the old letters
That sends its lasting thanks
It brought smiles into his face
And tears end as new hope makes

When the world ends away
We all stand on judgement day
Till the end as one day
Final struggle paves its way
With your love, Karen Mae
Paradise's gates will open up
And in Freedom lies hope comes alot
Out of struggle that once erupt.

"Sweet water of Pinipisacan spring"

Sweet water of Pinipisacan spring hear it flowing
From the mountain through the fall lies its tunes sing
With its cool waters refreshes thy soul
Quite thankful for it quenches me all

Your call reaches my ears and passed through the river
And in the fall comes the fairies with its joyful laughter
The mystery may've been unfold besides the cool water
That quenches my thirst and soul after a saddening temper

For in the past I feel life as just narrow
Marred by the problems brought me to sorrow
As if the world with all its damnations creates a prison
If not forcing my mind in a state of illusion

Again I hear it calling the sound of that spring
From its mountain, fall, river lies its tunes sing
Beckoning me, myself bring
Without anything that makes one trembling

That amidst the darkness I have to cross
I have to evade threats that may likely rose
Nevermind the threats as what others say
For the message that brought to me lies its way

And then a fairy came so beautiful and bright
Is it the girl who entices me in the middle of the night?
Her charm her love her joy and delight
That wipes away my tears in those dreadful plights?

"Take in your hand this pearly glass" she said
"Drink all you will as much as you wish" as I rested in its shed
This sweet water will slake your thirst
As if cures a soul from an eternal curse

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

"Refusing to Stand down"

"Refusing to stand down"

Notes on Philippines' President Duterte's harsh remarks on U.S.'s Obama
And how RP's Senator Richard Gordon "agrees" to his statement

""Equals, not 'first amongst equals'." These are the words Senator Richard Gordon stated on the rant brought by President Duterte against US President Obama. Quite personal if not too straight to the point for a leader who supposed to be acting diplomatically, however, it is most likely an effect of having a people preferring a tough man of action whose incorrectness speaks louder as his policies intended, especially over a country that is marred by rampant crime if not poverty.

But for yours truly, the statement brought upon by Duterte, may smacks of a "real talk" as any other common person (that perhaps a province-bred personality finds it better to say that way). But despite having maninstream media focused too much on the cussing (be it alleged or not), President Duterte rather insisted a country that is, sovereign and not of a neocolony as his predecessors tolerated as such, especially through policies in which creates hindrance rather than promotes a nation's growth be it political as well as economic ever since 1946 and still in its continuing past. He even recalls the atrocities left by the Americans in case of Bud Dajo that murdered Moro fighters and their families, reminiscent of Wounded Knee.
And perhaps Gordon is right that despite encouraging the "Politically Incorrect President" to moderate his statements if not to act diplomatically, he tells people that they "must learn to adjust that you are looking at a different individual -- a rough, straight talking person who delivers a right down the throat message." After all, how come people afforded to listen to Churchill, to Gadaffi, to Khomeini, or even Hitler and its offensive remarks? They do speak incorrectly as what Duterte do. Even Roosevelt does so, or even Quezon and Antonio Luna says "Puñeta" for a remark!

Besides that, regardless of the statement's inconvenience due to its "harshness", it seemed to be a first time for a head of state that he asserted a nation's independence. "I am a president of a sovereign state and we have long ceased to be a colony. I do not have any master except the Filipino people." as what he said.
But again, media personages rather posts his cussing over U.S's own Obama as a "Son of a Bitch" if not sarcastically asking why Obama has to lecture him on "human rights"?

But again, as decades gone by, despite extorting more efforts to build a better nation, having a country tied to outside interests stunts, if not hinders a country's growth, if not reducing the ideas and aspirations of the past into mere rhetorical statements in sheets of paper. In fact, attempts for industrialisation, maximising production, of emphasising a patriotic and scientific education and culture are all but "empty words" for a system that is contented to have a country be occidentified as in the past, all thanks to neoliberalism, globalisation, and emphasis on Anglo-Americanisation on Filipino way of life, particularly culture.

And since Duterte's inconvenient statement is been tempered with Gordon's diplomatic-like remark, then may as well put all the existing policies into question, and at the same time start a Filipino first policy. It may sound too idealistic or even desperately hopeless case compared to the usual reliance on outside alliances, but remember, focus more on the homeland the way one afford to say "change starts from the self."

Hope that people agrees on how Duterte stated. Maybe it sounds incorrect but despite recognising how the United States provided modernity in this archipelago, and how people appreciated that country's aid and its role, among other outside factors, in the development of a developing country's economy, of seeing it as "aid by a friendly people", "aid without strings attached", and possibly "even without political conditions" (that is possibly not), hope that this so-called "Pearl of the Orient" realise that there is a chance to stand on its own no matter how year it is, of forging, tilling, building a better nation on its own as means to recover a nation's almost lost dignity.