Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A need to Rethink

 A need to Rethink

(or all after seeing an order
trying to bastardise people's aspirations
into theirs)

It seems that today's order of things has been less to do with realisation of supposed profound goals and more to do with retention of interests.

That all despite numerous promises and perhaps seeing initial successes, the alternative future, or the final goal in which all of the programs and efforts allocated has not been fully realised.
And in it encompasses political, economic, cultural, or any matter that affects the individual, the community, and even the generations whose aspirations be greatly affected by an inconvenient truth such as a decadent and corrupted society.

For as contrary to the views that are being presented such as those forecasted by "optimistically minded" futuristics, reality has rather brought to a still conclusion that behind all words such as reform, restructruring, change, or even revolution, is a same old status quo save for new Television shows, office and commercial buildings, and means to keep people "at bay", especially amidst "actually existing truths" such as crisis and scandals in its various forms.

Sorry to say but that inconvenient truths brought about by today's order of things rather negates change and restructing as it favours retention of interests. The system tries its "best" to maintain as possible as they afforded to use words such as change and reinterpret their so-called "charity" as "empowerment". Good to hear their so-called "intentions" though, but the obvious mismanagement that created numerous crisis made one think how come amidst developments same old problems remain full scale what more of its effects as shown by its numerous protests and various forms of direct action?

Anyway, both the elite as well as the masses shared the same perspective and view about an empowered and developed society such as what the late Ferdinand Marcos said:

"Political liberation, economic emancipation, and social concord- these are the basic aspirations of the Filipino community. They are goals as well as guiding principles, aims as well as methods, in our efforts to transform Philippine society."

Sorry to use him for a reference, but the desire for restructuring Philippine society by revolutionary means comes a realisation of sorts be it peace, land, and bread; but a sorry state of reality brought about by an interest seeking order makes one think what kind of change has affected millions of people especially those who truly desired that damned word? For sure they have sought a fast changing setting such as skyscrapers and state of the art gadgets urban-bred populaces can afford, but archaic truths such as corruption within in the bureaucracy and various forms of social injustices in the countryside makes a third world country rather stagnant in terms of social development.

That perhaps also benefited the developed countries given the third world's vassal-like state. To the system and its apologetics who afforded to babble freedom sees being a vassal if not a tributary to a greater power is more of an ally to trust with, that being dependent to a greater power meant chances of developent with alibis such as globalisation and neoliberalism that can provide "greater opportunities" particularly both in the economy and the society; and low wages and maldeveloped conditions for workers meant greater income for businesses that perhaps according to them also meant chances of empowering if not developing communities.

Anyway, with all these statements trying to justify a corrupted status quo of sorts, one may ask if 'are they serious enough in stating such profound words? Or just sneering people through the ears as if they are trying to appear willing to create what they have babbled about'? The words of the late dictator did babble about economic emancipation or political liberation, yet reality rather showed its contrary such as actually-existing repression guised as "rule of law and order" by corrupt bureaucrats, thuggish military and policemen, and status-quo favouring personages ironically babbling about change just to appease people's angst.
Time and again despite all their statements and at the same time seeing same old crisis and scandals makes their messages meant to appease a growing hatred by the people themselves, who, despite seeing the wonders the system afforded to brag still felt the hunger, thirst, hopelessness brought about by an order who despite sworn to fulfill aspirations rather focusing entirely in keeping its own interests.

And thus, no wonder why this person and others concerned would say that there is a need to rethink in this continuing past rather than just move on without putting justice and realise such profound yet confusing words such as change.