Thursday, 29 September 2016

"As the Nation mourns after Defensor"

"As the Nation mourns after Defensor"

(An eulogy to the late great statesperson Miriam Defensor Santiago)

At first, this page conveys heartfelt condolences to one of the well-known personages known for being a staunch defender of the "rule of law", a "seeker" of truth from facts, and an ardent patriot: Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who had died peacefully in her sleep on the 28th of September, 2016, at 8:00 in the morning.

As people from all walks of life known her for having a good track record, splendid intelligence, pick up lines for the youth, and perhaps as a supposed "president" if not for the old man last 1992, the "iron lady of Asia" tried her outmost best in making the legislature and other branches of government abide by the rule of law despite numerous scandals surrounding legislators to those of the president and even the chief justice during the impeachment trials last 2000 and in 2011.

But to others, the late great statesperson was an ardent patriot, who truly abides by the dictum "Salus populi suprema lex esto" or "The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law", especially in making laws if not investigating issues surrounding the country be it foreign intervention to those of corruption.

And it it somehow earned both praise and ire from the people. For sure until today one may remember how she scrutinise every personage or policy that according to her view meant contrary to the provisions of the constitution;
that several years past, Defensor-Santiago, then as head of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, was also known her consistent and courageous stand for national sovereignty against foreign intervention, especially in repeatedly calling for legislative actions against unfair and invasive military treaties with foreign powers, such the calls to review Visiting Forces Agreement, as well as leading the Senate in voting to declare invalid and ineffective the Enhance Defense Cooperation Agreement, and in investigations of repeated violations of our national dignity including that of the murder of Jennifer Laude.

And besides her critical stand against foreign intervenors in state policies and corruptors infesting the state bureaucracy, the late statesperson did spent a good part of her stint in the upper chamber in advancing many bills especially those for the protection of women, children and families, and some of which has become laws that benefit Filipinos. One of which was that she penned a parallel resolution in the Senate to support the House Resolution authored by Gabriela Womens Party to call for the end to privatization of public hospitals.

These contributions showed how Miriam Defensor-Santiago did not live for herself, but rather for others. That despite having some major criticisms on some statements during her stint as legislator,  this person is ought to say that with all her contributions in lawmaking to those of making witty jokes and pleasing appearances, what she did was simply all for the good of her struggling country.

And although it is true that she have left from this continuing past and entered history, but in the heart of every Filipino and perhaps in every Asian, she remains alive and youthful as they remember and even relive her memories as an illustrous or even ideal Legislator and statesperson.

And no matter how detractors trying to pin both her persona and her contributions, again, what the late statesperson did was not just for the interests of the Filipino people, but also for the interests of the world.

Again, she will be greatly missed, but it would be gladly that instead of mourning over her passing, why not heed her call to reform and create a country guided by its principles.

And perhaps, Stupid will always be forever. Like Miriam, it is the duty to enlighten, or im her words, to cure the ignorant.